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Two cases of struggles in Guyana without racial conflict – Eusi Kwayana

Letter: Two cases of struggles in Guyana without racial conflict – Eusi Kwayana

There has not been much examination in public of the legal framework surrounding the events of July 18, 2012 in Linden, Guyana, and no discussion whatever of what happened on the 12th and 15th of August 2012. I am glad I did not grow up in such a dumbed down atmosphere.  My mother’s male and female school mates would have been visiting her, arguing, and chewing out the rightness and wrongness of the events, even and straight, as we say, with the lawyers, the editors, and the Commission and the readers. Mr Byron Lewis and Mr Yankee Jervis would have been at shop galleries and street corners questioning the mishandling of things.

This was the atmosphere when the five workers were martyred at Enmore in 1948. Few households on the East Coast went to bed normally that night. Those were the days of Jagan in all his glory, before the PPP. Continue reading

Black History: Sara Lou Harris

FEBRUARY 3, 2011 · 8:00 AM

Black History: Sara Lou Harris

In lieu of it being the start of Black History month, I want to make it a point to not only continue educating myself on my culture’s history but also all of our readers. I firmly believe in paying homage to those who have broken down barriers making even our wildest dreams within reach.

I dedicate today’s post to a woman who made it possible for African Americans to be featured in national advertisements, Sara Lou Harris. Being a model was only one of Harris’s feats she also was an entertainer, an educator and a humanitarian. Born in 1926 to a house painter and a cotton mill worker, Sara Lou became the first African American woman to get a national advertisement and to be featured in NY buyers fashion shows. She also was one of the first 12 ladies to be signed to the first licensed Black modeling agency.

After reading about Harris I was amazed at all of her accomplishments and especially the color barriers that she has broken. She helped change the image of the Black woman and for that I am grateful.



Sarah Lou Harris was married to the late Sir. John Carter. Here is the announcement in the Washington Post regarding the passing of Sir. John on February 23, 2005. Sir John was Guyana’s first Ambassador to the United`States after Independence.

Sarah Lou Harris was married to a Guyanese , the late John Carter. Here is the announcement in the Washington Post regarding the passing of John Carter

Guyanese Ambassador John Carter, 86, Dies < click