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Mashramani – Slingshot Drepaul – “Guyana Funtime” – 5 videos


includes  GUYANA FUNTIME  – his 2012 MASH video

Navigating America’s Health Care System – Rosaliene Bacchus

Thanks again to Rosaliene for another of her informative blog entries. Visit her site for more at: http://rosalienebacchus.wordpress.com/

Three Worlds One Vision

Venice Family Clinic - West Los Angeles - Southern California

Venice Family Clinic – West Los Angeles – Southern California

Source: http://www.palisadespost.com


Some years ago while waiting for a bus, I chatted with a white American woman, somewhere in her fifties, suffering from chronic back pain. I knew that kind of pain. Her four cats were her companions and solace.

“Can’t you get treatment,” I asked her.

She cringed. “It’s expensive.”

“What about health insurance?”

“None since I lost my job.” She shifted her weight.

When the bus arrived, she struggled to her feet and, with her body twisted to one side, hobbled with her walking stick towards the bus.

At the time, I was among 147.6 million people under 65 years of age who got health insurance through their employer (Health, United States, 2011). I knew nothing about America’s healthcare system to help the lady find relief from her pain.

For six months after leaving my…

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ROMANCING THE WIND – Kite Flying Exhibition

The guy flying the three kites is in his eighties, and he’s from Canada.

His name is Ray Bethell
He comes to the Washington State International Kite Festival every year.
His skin is like leather as he usually flies with his shirt off.
He’s deaf, so when he flies, we hold our hands up and wave them for applause.
He flies two with his hands and the third is attached to his waist.

You must watch to the end to see the amazing landing of that last kite!
I would have those kites so tangled up, you could never get them separated again!
And make sure your volume is turned up because the music is wonderful and totally reflects the soaring of the kites.


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