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Guyana: Chinese companies bidding for New Harbour Bridge were blacklisted by World Bank for corrupt practices

New Demerara Harbour Bridge – below the existing bridge —  looking North

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Short Story: Risk and Reward – By Geoff Burrowes

– By Geoff Burrowes

    This is deeply personal. Still I think it will touch many people who have had similar experiences.

Like every small boy I came through child hood with scrapes and bruises, cuts and sprains. It comes from romping with friends, playing chaser, climbing trees and occasionally doing ‘stupidness’ like rubber gun fights and even mudball scraps. Sometimes we would be tempted into climbing neighbor’s mango trees when they had plenty big , ripe juicy mangos! Some even from learning to ride a bicycle! We used to call it “gravel rash”.

In school I used to skip  sports period whenever I could get away with it as I wasn’t one of the popular boys and wasn’t friends with the football and cricket form captains and rarely got picked until last and it was humiliating. So when I got the chance to play rugby, which was not a school sport I jumped at it. And loved it!          Continue reading

Book: More Than One Way – by Zandra Strother (Author)

More Than One Way Paperback – Published June 13, 2021

Danforth Williams, a young black boy, saw his future in Guyana, B.W.I; a weekly journey to the Kaietuer Gold Mine with the crew from his village. He rejected it. ‘Little Will’ walked away from the mine into the path of Karl, an American of Dutch descent, who hoped to rehabilitate a defunct sugar cane plantation and create a new life.

Will becomes a driving force at the plantation, but secrets of opium poppy fields and the death of an Amerindian bush girl, drive Karl back to America. Karl’s weak promise to send passage for Will is a lie, forcing Will to get to America on his own. Despite his amusing accent and foreign mannerisms, Will learns the way black men live in a big city. He takes odd jobs until he can buy his first apartments. Thoughts of his first love Enid are replaced by an arrangement with Renee and an entanglement with Arabella.          Continue reading

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