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Guyana: Pomeroon – Home of the Sweetest Coconuts in Guyana – video

INSIDER: Pomeroon – Home of the Sweetest Coconuts in Guyana 

News Room Report by Neil Marks – October 11, 2021

Outside of rice and sugar, coconut is one of Guyana’s biggest agricultural export. The Pomeroon is renowned as the area where you could find the ‘sweetest’ coconut in Guyana. In this episode of GUYANA, the News Room’s Neil Marks tries to find out why. He meets The Coconut Lady Vilma De Silva and tours one of the most modern operations in Guyana’s coconut industry.

Guyana: Education: Primary and Secondary Education in Deep Crisis – commentary

Kaieteur News – Oct 17, 2021 Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom

Let us not be fooled by the deservedly happy faces on those high-flyers of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), or what was previously referred to as the Common Entrance Examination.

Those whose names appeared in the newspapers represent the cream of the crop, the top one per cent of the students who sat these examinations. There will be another four per cent which represent the cream of the country’s top performers at that level. They will gain spots to the top schools around the country.

For the remaining 95 per cent however, the results will not be encouraging and these will be relegated to junior secondary schools, most of which do not perform creditably at the ‘O’ Level examinations.        Continue reading

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