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Guyana: Liza Unity FPSO to develop approximately 600 million barrels of oil – ExxonMobil

U.S.A: Blame Biden’s popularity decline on the bad hand he was dealt – By Mohamed Hamaludin

– By Mohamed Hamaludin

US President Joe Biden

Lengthy media reports have been pointing to the travails of the President whose misfortune it is to have succeeded Donald Trump because of the high expectations among many people. The reports paint a gloomy picture of the Joe Biden administration, not only now but the possibility that Democrats could lose both Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024.

The reports indicate Biden’s popularity has dropped to 42 percent and that Democrats are now just as likely as Republicans to be highly critical of the President’s performance. But those reports do not provide a wide enough context for what has been happening. Indeed, the Biden agenda has stalled, including key voting rights and police reform bills and the Build Back Better social safety net enhancements. Why this has been happening may not be clear to critics.  Continue reading

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