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Parliament restored by Appeal Court scrapping no-confidence motion – Vice President Greenidge

Parliament restored by Appeal Court – V.P. Greenidge

Guyana’s Acting President Carl Greenidge Friday night announced that Parliament has been reactivated and the 65-seat National Assembly would soon meet, following the Court of Appeal’s ruling that the no-confidence motion was not validly passed by 33 votes.

“Henceforth, the situation as regards Parliament is restored to the position as at 21st of December prior to the vote. Arrangements will be made for Parliament to meet and to conduct its business unhindered,” Greenidge, who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said on the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) television.    Continue reading

The Chinese in Africa and the Caribbean – By Dr. Umar Johnson – video commentary

The Chinese in Africa and the Caribbean – By Dr. Umar Johnson – video commentary

Guyana Politics: Voters will reject the do-nothings who dominate the PPP today – by Cheddi (Joey) Jagan

Joey Jagan

Dear Editor,  [Letter by Cheddi (Joey) Jagan]

With oil money coming, the political stakes could not be higher, as most of our citizens know and feel that they could be cheated of their God given rights to the opportunities and wealth of our Republic. Some of our “experts” decry the financial and technological arrangements which we have with ExxonMobil, finding fault and opposing this great investment – these malcontents should understand that over the next  two years, ExxonMobil will invest over 35 Billion US dollars in worldwide oil exploration  without a clear prospect of oil recovery and with the price of oil not yet $60 a barrel, the investments are not always profitable.

We in Guyana, should be proud and excited that the largest oil company in the world is investing real money into our economy – this will eventually attract other good foreign investments and trade to our Republic in areas like agro-industry, mineral extraction, our water potential, our fishing potential, our forest potential and other new avenues to make up for lost time and lost opportunity.      Continue reading

Brexit Has Triggered Britain’s Most Ambitious Migration Exercise Ever – By Yasmeen Serhan | The Atlantic

Brexit Has Triggered Britain’s Most Ambitious Migration Exercise Ever

The British government is preparing to absorb millions of EU citizens into its immigration system after Brexit. Some fear that it is a “crisis in waiting”.

Yasmeen Serhan | The Atlantic 

Rebecca Goodall first moved to Britain when she was 10, and lived in the country on and off before settling here permanently in 2010. She teaches real estate at a university about two hours north of London, has a child who was born and raised here, and speaks unaccented English — she has, she told me in frustration, a “bloody master’s degree”.

But until recently, Goodall didn’t know if she could still live here.

As a German citizen, Goodall is among the millions of European Union nationals living in the U.K. whose immigration status was thrown into doubt after the 2016 Brexit referendum. Under the bloc’s rules, EU nationals can freely live, work, and settle anywhere across its 28 member states. Putting an end to this free flow of migration from Europe was one of the central planks of the Brexit debate and, now that Britain is leaving, all EU nationals who wish to remain in the country indefinitely need to apply for a new post-Brexit migration designation, otherwise known as “settled status”.     Continue reading

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