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Guyana Politics: British perceptions of Guyanese politicians in 1953: Cheddi Jagan– By Winston McGowan

By Winston McGowan – Stabroek News  – October 4, 2002

(Left to Right): Jainarine Singh, Sidney King (Eusi Kwayana), ​Forbes Burnham. Janet Jagan, Cheddi Jagan, Joseph Latchmansingh and Ashton Chase – 1953

British perceptions of Guyanese politicians in 1953: Cheddi Jagan

1953 was one of the most momentous years in the history of British Guiana- now Guyana. It witnessed two striking but contrasting events. Firstly, in April the country had a general election under a new constitution distinguished by universal adult suffrage and the grant of a measure of ministerial responsibility to the winning political history. The election resulted in a convincing victory for the People’s Progressive Party, led by Cheddi Jagan with Forbes Burnham as his chairman. The PPP won 51 per cent of the votes cast and 18 of the 24 seats in the new House of Assembly.      Continue reading

The Guyana I Remembered…1970 Parts 1 and 2 – By Allan Sobryan – 2 Videos

The Guyana I Remembered…1970 Part 1 – Allan Sobryan

The Guyana I Remembered…1970 Part 2 – Allan Sobryan

I was born in the land of the mighty Roraima…dear land of Guyana, of rivers and plains. Here are some of my fondest memories.

Come visit Kaieteur Falls, Guyana. With a single sheer drop of 741 feet, it is 5 times higher than Niagara Falls, Canada. We then fly to Lethem in the Rupununi, savannah region. I hope you enjoy the visit.

US President Meeting with Caribbean delegation is “troubling” – PM Gonsalves

PM Gonsalves of St.Vincent and the Grenadines comments on Trump’s meeting

Gonsalves describes meeting between US President and Caribbean delegation as “troubling”

24 March 2019 – CMC
Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has described the recent meeting between United States President Donald Trump and some Caribbean leaders as “troubling”.

Speaking to reporters here late Saturday, Gonsalves noted that there was no true representation of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) as the current chairman of the regional body, Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis Dr Timothy Harris was not invited to the meeting.

He also pointed out that also absent were members of the CARICOM advisory committee including himself, Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.        Continue reading

Grenada still fastest growing economy in Caribbean, reports CDB 

Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Report

Grenada still fastest growing economy in Caribbean, reports CDB

20 March 2019 – CMC
The medium-term outlook for Grenada is positive and for 2019, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is projecting ts economic growth of 4.5 per cent, with similar outcomes expected over the medium term.

The CDB said construction, tourism, agriculture and private education sectors will also drive performance, noting that in terms of construction, there should be further momentum from major road network upgrades and ongoing private sector projects.      Continue reading

New Book: The Wisdom of Rain – By Eleanor P. Sam

The Wisdom of Rain – By Eleanor P. Sam

The Wisdom of Rain
March 23, 2019 -Fiction

On her thirteenth birthday, Mariama leans against her favourite baobab tree and daydreams, thrilled that the time has finally come for her Sande ceremony, when she will officially pass into womanhood. But then, rough hands tear her from her daydreams and violently toss her into a nightmare reality.

She is forced onto the SS Archery, a slave ship that steals her from her home in West Africa and delivers her to the British colony of Demerary on the northern coast of South America.        Continue reading

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