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Antigua: Sweet Potato- and Cassava-Based Businesses Started

Antigua & Barbuda Banking on Sweet Potato- and Cassava-Based Businesses to Boost Economic Activity

Bread baking using cassava

ST JOHN’S, Antigua, Thursday February 21, 2019 – Antigua and Barbuda is banking on sweet potato and cassava as alternatives that could reduce its high import bill, through value added production in these chains, which will revitalize the economy.

Through a training initiative, nutrition teachers, NGO staff at the national level, staff from the local prison and members of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs (MoAFBA) of this country were recently instructed in the preparation of bread, using these two root crops.  Continue reading

The Constitution, GECOM, and the memory of Dr. Jagan – Dr. David Hinds

Mar 10, 2019 – Kaieteur News – Hinds’ Sight with Dr. David Hinds

In a letter to the press this past week I sought to make the point that what some commentators are calling a constitutional crisis in Guyana is really a deep political crisis which would ultimately have to be solved by the politicians. Since that letter, the president met with the PPP leader and GECOM.

he meeting with Mr. Jagdeo expectedly ended in a stalemate, largely because the two leaders could not agree on a date for the next election. Jagdeo is relying on the outcome of the No Confidence Vote (NCV) to determine the date, while Granger is relying on GECOM.    Continue reading

Guyana: We are a jokey country – By Leonard Gildarie

Guyana: We are a jokey country

Leonard Gildarie

More than a week ago, two Bourda vendors died after a crash involving a minibus that turned turtle, on the East Coast of Demerara. There was anger and then it was quickly forgotten.
On Vlissengen Road, a minibus slammed into a car and ended up in a nearby trench. A pregnant woman was among the persons rescued.

On Regent and Albert, an ambulance heading along Albert Street crashed into a minibus on Regent Street. A security camera video showed the horror.
This is a topic that we come to again and again.        Continue reading

Is your to-do list making you nuts? Start a to-don’t list instead – Adam Grant

Is your to-do list making you nuts? Start a to-don’t list instead – Adam Grant


Ideas.TED.com – March 7, 2019 / Anna Phelan 

The TED speaker and podcast host shares 4 items from his to-don’t list — stuff he’s shed from his life to make him a happier and more effective human. Read it and learn.

To-do lists are the human equivalent of a hamster wheel. While they drive productivity and keep us on track, they just never seem to stop. Even as we cross items off, our lists just keep repopulating with more to-dos.

Here’s an idea, little hamster: Take a moment to think of a few things you could cross off your list — forever. Shed the responsibilities, habits and hobbies that use up your time in ways you don’t love. Call it your “to-don’t” list.


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