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Guyana Politics: Jagdeo to meet with President Granger today – March 6, 2019

Jagdeo meets Granger today

Jagdeo meets Granger

The Office of the Leader of the Opposition indicated that yesterday afternoon, it received a reply from Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, stating that “the content of these letters has been conveyed to the President who advises that he is prepared to meet with you on Wednesday March 6th at 11:00 hours at the Ministry of the Presidency and to discuss the issues raised in your aforementioned letters.”            Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Navigating Guyana’s Muddy Waters – By Evan Ellis

Navigating Guyana’s Muddy Waters – By Evan Ellis | Global Americans

Evan Ellis

From February 19 through 27, 2019, I traveled to Georgetown, Guyana, to speak with individuals in the government and the private sector about the nation’s security challenges and internal dynamics. The country is in a potentially explosive political crisis with at least some similarities to the polarized situation in Washington, DC. In the midst of legal battles with consequences for who controls the country, intelligent, sincere people are convinced that the taking – or continuation – of power by their political opponents will be destructive for the nation and their own interests.

Behind the Current Political Struggle   

In Guyana, people of Indian and African descent are the two principal ethnic groups, and the relationship between ethnicity, power, and the spoils flowing from control of government have always been complex. While Guyanese founding fathers Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham built the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on multi-ethnic principles during the independence struggle of the 1950s and 1960s, ideological differences became intertwined with racial identity.      Continue reading

Education: Are YEARBOOKS  becoming  FEARBOOKS – By Yvonne Sam

 Are YEARBOOKS  becoming  FEARBOOKS – By Yvonne Sam

Yearbooks are getting in on the acts and becoming incriminating artifacts

From time immemorial yearbooks have been regarded as important memory keepers, with a particular year frozen in pictures and words. Advisors on Yearbook Committees have stressed to High School and University students, the historical aspect of the task, while reminding them that they are creating memories on which they will look back on in their future. Notably missing from the explanation was the succinct notification that yearbooks can be put to the test, serving as articles of interest and regardless of the year, the evidence can produce fear.

The first official bound yearbook containing information regarding the school year, the faculty and the students was created by the class of 1806 at prestigious Ivy League University Yale. It was aptly named Profiles of Part of the Class Graduated at Yale College.        Continue reading

Water is Everywhere in Georgetown, Guyana – By Melinda Janki

Water is Everywhere in Georgetown, Guyana — Our Disrespect for it will Kill Us — By Melinda Janki

Melinda Janki

Water is ubiquitous in Georgetown. There is a drain outside every house, flowing towards a canal. Old photos show the beauty of the waterways that comprised the original drainage system for the city.

Guyana sits on what was once known as the “wild coast” of South America. The area was a dangerous swamp that struck terror in the hearts of European adventurers seeking the fabled city of El Dorado. Even Sir Walter Raleigh is rumoured to have come here in search of gold. The name “Guiana” is said to come from an Amerindian word meaning “land of many waters”. Like many myths, it is charming but unsupported by evidence. Water is, however, a dominant motif of Guyana and certainly of Georgetown, the capital city. Water is also likely to end Georgetown’s existence before the 21st century comes to a close.


Guyana Ex Police Association of Canada – Annual Dinner & Dance – May 4, 2019

Download: Guyana Ex Police of Canada – Dinner & Dance – May 4, 2019

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