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— By Norman Datt

Have seen both sides in their works

And many behave like real jerks

Many carrying on the racial baggage

And it really smells like bad cabbage


It goes to show we need a change

What you all doing full of mange

Some would rather the country go nowhere

Than to be man and say the buck stops here

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Canada: Has Trudeau’s Liberal Government run its course? – By Yvonne Sam

Isms,  and Schisms reinforce that the Trudeau government has run its course?

Just-In’s answers only raises more questions. Punishment condign or asked to resign?

 –By Yvonne Sam

In 2015 when Justin Trudeau swept into power, not only did he revive the Liberal party but also became an instant global superstar.  Yes, he was not just simply Canada’s new Prime Minister, but young, tall and athletic or so gushed the New York Times. The progeny of a Canadian political giant, he toppled the Stephen Harper- led Conservatives by following his father’s playbook.

He ran as the youthful candidate, full of charisma, vigour, good looks and loads of new ideas. His was an exciting new face standing out in the dignified world of Canadian politics. Appealing to the 20 —somethings crowd, flexing their political muscles for the first time, he was the prime leader for the social-media generation, replacing a buttoned–down Harper whose government had simply run its course.    Continue reading

Guyanese Stefon Bristol and Spike Lee to release Netflix movie

Stefon Bristol, Spike Lee to release Netflix movie

By Tangerine Clarke – Caribbean Life News – March 5, 2019

Stefon Bristol, writer, director, of “See You Yesterday,” who proudly said his parents, Elizabeth and Clinton were from Georgetown, Guyana, is excited his feature film, produced by Spike Lee, is set to be released on movie channel Netflix soon.

Filmed on location in Brooklyn and the Bronx, the movie, co-written with Fredica Bailey, follows two teenage scientific prodigies from East Flatbush, Brooklyn, who, bent on predicting a positive outcome, created a time machine to roll back the killing of their brother by a police officer.

In an exclusive interview with Caribbean Life recently, Bristol thanked Hollywood movie mogul, Spike Lee, for producing the flick based on Bristol’s award-winning thesis at NYU Film School, to complete his graduate studies as a director.      Continue reading

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