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General election: Is the immigrant vote important?

General election: Is the immigrant vote important?

Monday, 11 August 2014 -Written by  Denis Scott Chabrol – Demerara Waves

ballot boxThere were conflicting views about whether votes by naturalized Guyanese and Commonwealth citizens can determine the outcome of the next general election that is expected within another five months.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) brushed off suggestions that the immigrant-vote would be a decider in the polls while the Alliance For Change (AFC) felt strongly that it could influence the outcome.  Now that the AFC has presented a no-confidence motion to the National Assembly, elections could be called between now and January 31, 2014.  Continue reading

Guyana Christian Charities – Fall Dance – Toronto – September 20, 2014

GCC Fall Dance

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Guyana: Chinese company Bai Shan Lin accused of illegal logging

Bai Shan Lin came to Guyana specifically for large-scale logging


– brought in over 200 trucks, 60 bulldozers, 40 loaders, luxury vehicles all duty-free

As questions continue to swirl over the arrangements between the Government of Guyana and a Chinese company regarding the export of large quantities of logs, there are revelations now that an unprecedented number of duty free concessions were granted. These concessions […]

 Bai Shan Lin has no permission to harvest or log – EPA Official


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BHS Alumni Toronto – Evening of Jazz – September 13, 2014

Flyer – EVENING OF JAZZ – Sept 13 – BHSAA Toronto Chapter


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Queens’s College Association UK- Carnival Fete -London UK – 24 August 2014

Carnival fete

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