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Guyana: Capitol News TV Videos – 05 August 2014

Capitol News TV Videos – 05 August 2014

  • Woman mauled to death by pitbulls
  • Police act on East Bank robberies by men in Police attire
  • Roofing contractor sues Princess Casino for $20 million jackpot
  • Police still unable to unearth files for Rodney Inquiry
  • UG foresees no hiccups in 2014/15 Registration
  • PCA Chairman backs restart of Police inquests
  • Rohee grudgingly admits pressure forced change in birth certificate requirement for passports
  • Sports
Woman mauled to death by pitbulls  – Posted: 05 Aug 2014 02:09 PM PDT

At the Lamaha Springs building Joan Carter lived, one of the two vicious pitbulls, still circled the bloodied area hours after they mauled the woman to death. The 51-year-old woman was in the care of one of her sisters and her husband at this house. Aback where they lived, they had put this building, located […] Continue reading

“When the Storm is Forgotten” – Poem by Saul Murray

Three Worlds One Vision

Hurricane Katrina waits with dog for help - USA - August 2005Hurricane Katrina survivor waits with dog for help
New Orleans – Louisiana – United States – August 2005
Photo Credit: Hurricane Katrina

My Poetry Corner August 2014 features the poem “When the Storm is Forgotten” by Saul Murray, an African-American poet, songwriter, and performing artist. Murray’s poetry blends the rhythms and themes of Beat and Black alternative hip hop.

Written in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that devastated the Gulf Coast in August 2005, Murray’s poem is not a reflection on the storm itself. Instead, it presents a dismal view about American life: complacency, self-centeredness, pride, violence, celebrity worship, and more. When the storm is upon us, we become vulnerable. We learn that our survival depends upon others.

The poet calls on us not to forget the storm. When we forget the storm, the struggle to change our lives comes to an end.

The inspiration for my Haiku poem, “In…

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Apple’s ‘Living the life of dreams’ has no room for Blacks or Hispanics

Apple’s ‘Living the life of dreams’ has no room for Blacks or Hispanics


A screen shot from “I’m living the life of dreams” ad.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Aug. 5, 2014: Some two weeks after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook publicly committed to increasing the diversity of the iconic company’s work force, Apple has released its new television commercial that’s anything but diverse.

It may be Apple’s most popular commercial yet. It certainly seems to have been aired on every broadcast channel again and again. It is all about a touching view of the lives of young professionals whether in the U.S. or anywhere.It is titled “Living The Life of Dreams,” which is the song played to the video images of youthful women and men and their children and how they “struggle” to live a life of dreams amid lives little challenges for the well off. It is meant to portray the kind of life most of us would like to live, and can if we just buy iPhones and Apple apps.

Except if you are Black, Native American or Hispanic.  Continue reading

Beautiful Georgetown, Guyana – photo

Beautiful Georgetown, Guyana

 Patricia Jordon-Langford shared Vernon Fungkhee‘s photo.

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