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Guyana Politics: When appreciation turns to depreciation – commentary

When appreciation turns to depreciation


There are photos of Uncle Donald enjoying himself at the Guyana Festival. (Website-  http://www.guyanafestival.gy/)  In one frame he is hugging an African dancer. Then there is a shot of him with an African drum between his legs beating away. Other photos have the President dancing with the performers. There was no back-balling as when he performed that act with a dancer at an Old Year’s Night party.

The ambience reminded us of Bharrat Jagdeo’s Day of Appreciation. The Chronicle put that crowd at fifty thousand. Jagdeo brought in well known names to eulogize him. The dancers gyrated as if they were afflicted with Saint Vitus dance disease. Jagdeo walked around the pavilions at the National Stadium and hugged those fifty thousand souls who hugged him back. Continue reading

Photos of Guyana – by Francis Quamina Farrier

 Photos of Guyana – by Francis Quamina Farrier

A photo of a bird’s eye view of Georgetown could be so Beautiful; but it is a different scene on the ground. As the saying goes, a picture is like a thousand words, and I’ve decided to submit a few of the photos of Georgetown taken in July, 2014, on the ground.

A Fly Jamaica jetliner at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport,Timehri.  (FQ Farrier photo)

A Fly Jamaica jetliner at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport,Timehri. (FQ Farrier photo)

Continue reading

Hitler and carnage – By Basil Jide Fadipe

Subject: Hitler and carnage – By Basil Jide Fadipe 

To cut to the chase,
What Netanyahu is doing to the Palestinian people is awful:
Carnage is it..
and no amount of explaining or sophistry could justify it.
Finding reasons to do carnage often requires no genius.
Findings reasons to not
is often the genius.

There was the biblical king
who committed carnage.
Thinking there was a “threat” ( a male infant)
but unable to secure the right coordinates,
the king simply sent his infantry into the land
to kill any and all infants once they looked like male.
He was not hunting for Hamas,
He wanted to hunt down infant Jesus.
and like Netanyahu,
would sacrifice anyone on the way to achieving his aim. Continue reading

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