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USA POLITICS: Asian Americans’ political preferences have flipped from red to blue – BY: John A. Tures

Professor of Political Science, LaGrange College

– September 14, 2020. The Conversation

Asian Americans used to be a reliable Republican voting bloc. But long before Kamala Harris, who is Indian American and Black, became Joe Biden’s running mate, they shifted to support the Democratic Party. This is true across ages, genders and ethnic origins of Asian Americans – including Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Hmong.

As a political scientist, I’m not just interested in voting, but also in how groups change their party preferences. This subject of study, known as “critical elections,” looks at how political party fortunes change over time as a result of racial, religious or regional groups’ changing views.


When A Chinaman Bowls a Googly – in football and entertainment

Barbados Underground

Submitted by Pachamama.

Diego Costa Diego Costa

In cricket, a googly has a deceptive bounce. Whereas the chinaman is delivered by a left-arm bowler to a right-arm batsman, spinning from the offside to the legside. The Chinese may only be playing cricket in Hong Kong and we are uncertain as to its mass appeal on continental China. However, soccer and cinema are areas of social activity that are being targeted by Chinese oligarchs for assertions of global dominance.

This comes with the economic and strategic support of the titularly communist government in Beijing. They are showing that corporations are still at the leading end for global conquest. And the Chinese are demanding the world’s attention.

They want to control our opinions, our doubts and fears, our emotions. They have determined that the West needs a rich, thousand-year culture, to guide it. And cultural dominance helps them to leverage internal population control through…

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DIASPORA TIMES NEWSLETTER – August 24, 2015 – An APNU-AFC Publication

DIASPORA TIMES NEWSLETTER – August 24, 2015 – An APNU-AFC Publication

Diaspora Times - August 2015Download: DIASPORA Times AUG. ISSUE-Circulate

Contents:  PAGE 3: The Chinese also came     PAGE 4-5: Approaching Venezuela implosion     PAGE 6-13: Budget 2015    PAGE 14: Cricket and the 50th anniversary    PAGE 15: Learning and Diaspora    PAGE 16: The Search for a better life.    PAGE 17: The Law: Govt. must tread carefully    PAGE 18-19: Racial harmony possible?    PAGE 20: The change that is unity.    PAGE 21: The Legacy    PAGE 22-23: Green City Winds of change    PAGE 24: Where are you from?    PAGE 25: Promised land.    PAGE 26: Why worry?    PAGE 27-28: News Flash.   Continue reading

Public Security Minister to probe alleged sale of Guyanese citizenship, visas; Rohee calls for evidence

Public Security Minister to probe alleged sale of Guyanese citizenship, visas; Rohee calls for evidence

Khemraj Ramjattan

Khemraj Ramjattan

Friday, 22 May 2015 14:10 – Written by  Denis Scott Chabrol– Demerara Waves

Newly appointed Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan plans to launch a wide-ranging probe into the alleged sale of Guyanese visas and citizenship to mainly Chinese, Indians and Brazilians.

Describing the alleged racket as “huge,” he said a named official collected millions of dollars from staff from two major Asian companies to grant citizenship.

“I will call for all the files. I want as many files as possible in relation to this citizenship thing because it is going to be investigated thoroughly as to who granted what and on the basis of what,” said Ramjattan.   Continue reading

T&T has 25,884 Guyanese illegals, top”Illegals list”

T&T has 25,884 Guyanese illegals, top “Illegals list”

trinidad_and_tobago_map (Trinidad Express) Oil- and gas-rich Trinidad and Tobago remains a land of opportunity and currently serves as a haven for 110,012 illegal immigrants.

“You are talking about over ten per cent of your adult population,” National Security Minister Gary Griffith said following the National Security Ministry’s release of the “alarming statistics” on October 14, 2014.

Asked if there had been an increase in the number of illegal immigrants in recent years, Griffith said the problem did not start overnight.

“It is just that I am opening this Pandora’s box. And I intend to put an end to it. It is totally unacceptable,” he said.  Continue reading

General election: Is the immigrant vote important?

General election: Is the immigrant vote important?

Monday, 11 August 2014 -Written by  Denis Scott Chabrol – Demerara Waves

ballot boxThere were conflicting views about whether votes by naturalized Guyanese and Commonwealth citizens can determine the outcome of the next general election that is expected within another five months.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) brushed off suggestions that the immigrant-vote would be a decider in the polls while the Alliance For Change (AFC) felt strongly that it could influence the outcome.  Now that the AFC has presented a no-confidence motion to the National Assembly, elections could be called between now and January 31, 2014.  Continue reading

Canada: B.C.’s history of racism – pursuit of a white man’s province

A look into B.C.’s history of racism, and its pursuit of a white man’s province

GARY MASON  -The Globe and Mail-  Canada – Published Friday, Jan. 10 2014

Province of British Columbia, Canada

While British Columbia is often celebrated for its physical beauty and a laid-back, open-minded culture, it is a province rooted in a little-discussed but hard-to-ignore bigoted past. This week we were reminded of just how dark some of that history is.

NDP Leader Adrian Dix drew back the curtains on some of the bleaker moments of those early days, an epoch when it was no time to be Chinese, or Japanese or South Asian for that matter, either. But it was the Chinese and Japanese, in particular, who were considered the paramount threat and treated almost singularly with contempt. Their banishment from the province would become a single-minded obsession of legislators – and the public – for more than 70 years.  Continue reading

Will racial tribalism forever dominate Guyana? – Freddie Kissoon


September 22, 2013 – Kaieteur News – Columnists: FREDDIE KISSOON

Guyana is enduring a syndrome of violent robberies. It has been going on for years and it touches every part of Guyana and every race. Our Chinese and Brazilian residents have witnessed brutal robberies in which the victims have died. The General-Secretary of the PNC was violently attacked by thieves in his home. I did two columns on the Wild West madness in the mining areas of Guyana where horrible robberies have led to the deaths of many persons, and from my research, none of the victims are East Indians.

Suddenly, the Muslim Youth Organization (MYO), Ravi Dev, and the Attorney-General (AG) discovered a dimension of the syndrome that should arouse curiosity in our academic community and in political parties. Let us quote the MYO; “The recent upsurge in criminality bears a sinister likeness in the modus operandi of the 2002/2003 crime wave, where efforts were made to destabilize our country.”  Continue reading

Growing Up Black In China – video

Growing Up Black In China

Uploaded on Mar 29, 2010   Growing Up Black In China – A CNN story about a young girl named Lou Jing who was born with an African-American father and a Chinese mother. She currently lives in China and deals with the stereotypes and racism that follows her.