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Guyana Association of Georgia- 2014 Awards Banquet- Clarkson GA- Sept 27, 2014

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Georgia Asso Scholarship event

Guyana Association of Georgia- 2014 Scholarship Awards Banquet- Clarkson GA- September 27, 2014

US cancels Dynamic Airways’ Guyana operations

US cancels Dynamic Airways’ Guyana operations

August 19, 2014 | By |

Dynamic Airways

As recent as last Friday, the United States authority on aviation,  Department of  Transportation (DOT) published its list of Public charters for 2014 and Dynamic Airways’ operation on the Georgetown/ New York route was listed as being cancelled; effective August 6; two days before it was scheduled to re-enter the Guyanese market.

The company’s last flight out of Guyana was on July 15, but it was optimistic about returning to the market by August 8. Continue reading

St. Stanislaus College Alumni- New York- Labor Day Jam, Brooklyn- August 30, 2014

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There are two pages. Ticket contact info is on page 2.

St Stanislaus -Labor Day 2014 Continue reading

Bai Shan Lin aerial view of massive logging exports – video

Bai Shan Lin aerial view of massive logging exports without value-added processing as promised by locally processing logs aimed at employing Guyanese. Clear cutting of forests and massive raw log exports are not in Guyana’s interests. Duty-free concessions and low taxes for logs are also issues as to the benefits to Guyana. Many Guyanese are concerned!

NJ Man Escapes 5 Year Sentence After Dash Cam Clears Him – Indicts Cops

Police Brutality and trumped up charges are common in the USA….  minorities are usually targeted.

Published on Feb 24, 2014 –New Jersey Man Escapes 5 Year Sentence After Dash Cam Footage Clears Him Indicts Cops – Marcus Jeter

Evidence from a dashboard camera on a police cruiser ended a nightmare for a New Jersey man facing false charges of eluding police, resisting arrest and assault.  Continue reading

2014 GCA HONOREES – Dmitri Allicock awarded second prize – Godfrey Chin Prize for Heritage Journalism


Godfrey Chin Prize for Heritage Journalism

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Visit the Dmitri Allicock Blog to view all of his articles  <click