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Guyana: Emancipation Day messages – 2014

Emancipation Day messages -2014

AUGUST 1, 2014 | BY KNEWS |

His Excellency, President Donald Ramotar
On the occasion of the 176th Anniversary of the abolition of slavery, I extend best wishes to Guyanese in general and to Afro-Guyanese in particular.
This is without doubt one of the most important dates in our history.  It is also one of the major blows struck for the Independence of our country.
As we salute our fore parents for the sacrifices and the struggle they made towards our freedom, let us today take inspiration from it to score greater successes in building a strong economy and in strengthening our country as a whole.
Once again, best wishes for a brighter future for all.
Happy Emancipation!

People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR)
The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) joins the Guyanese people in celebrating the 176th Anniversary of the Emancipation of enslaved Africans. The Party regards this event as the most significant in the foundation of our nation and the formation of our society. It was the first step in our country’s long march towards social equality, economic independence and political freedom.   Continue reading

Have Afro-Guyanese become like Afro-Brazilians?- commentary

Have Afro-Guyanese become like Afro-Brazilians?


Today I will walk into the National Park with some of my African-Guyanese activist friends. I will meet with many African activists whose main agenda is to save what they believe is a dying political economy of African-Guyanese. A year will pass and if I am alive, I will repeat the routine in 2015. And if I am alive in 2016, I will repeat it again.

Then I will say to myself in 2016 what I said in preceding years after leaving the National Park and walking back to the mainstream of life in my country – so where are the changes?

Make no mistake about it; the challenge to Robert Corbin’s leadership by Team Alexander was not about power. Maybe it was. But it was surely not the motivating factor. It was about the direction of the PNC’s praxis.  Continue reading

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