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St.Joseph’s Alumni Association – NY- Dance August 30,2014

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Guyana: Capitol News TV News – 08 August 2014

Guyana: Capitol News TV News – 08 August 2014

  • Granger says Jagdeo major player in Bai Shan Lin
  • Army explains interdiction of fishing vessels
  • City Council thinks up new strategies to unseat Sooba
  • Blue Caps continues advocacy for Local Gov’t polls
  • PNCR threatens to cut funding for Rodney COI
  • Police hosts Camp for students
  • Sports
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Brazil Recalls its Ambassador from Israel

Three Worlds One Vision

Smoke from Israeli attack on Gaza - July 2014Smoke from Israeli Attack on Gaza – July 2014
Photo Credit: Hatem Moussa /Associated Press

Since the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 on Palestinian territory, the two nation states are locked in a death grip. The latest renewal of fighting exploded into a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Of the 700 dead and 4,000 injured Palestinians, an estimated 75 percent are civilians. A large part is children. On the Israeli side, only two civilians were numbered among the forty Israelis killed.

As the humanitarian crisis escalated in Gaza, Brazil took three measures to call international attention. On July 23, 2014, at a meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council, South America’s largest nation and economy voted in favor of a resolution calling for an investigation into alleged war crimes in the Gaza Strip. With a majority of twenty-nine votes in favor, the Human Rights…

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