10 Top Telecommuting Jobs to Live Abroad

10 Top Telecommuting Jobs to Live Abroad

By Christina Couch | Bankrate.com – Thu, Aug 23, 2012

As technology makes it increasingly easy to punch the clock in a virtual office, employees once tied to a desk may now have the ability to work from home or even abroad. In fact, studies from Global Workplace Analytics, a research and consultancy firm headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., show that approximately 3 million U.S. workers that aren’t self-employed work from home full time while an estimated 52 million workers have telecommute-compatible jobs. For those who’d rather converse in foreign languages than by the company water cooler, here are 10 of the best gigs for telecommuting while abroad.    [Read More]

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  • de castro  On 08/31/2012 at 10:08 am

    Personally I would be more interested in where they are “domiciled”
    in other words where their TAX liability is.
    many already work abroad but use this for “tax avoidance”…..
    those working from home who are “domiciled” in the country
    pay their TAXES …a few cheats…claim non-domiciled TAX status
    and avoid taxation…..
    Domiciled or non-domiciled status should only be permitted if their company
    is “foreign registered”” as their company is liable for “corporation tax”…in UK this is permitted …..but in USA companies have to pay regardless where they
    are registered…this loophole will eventually be removed as companies become more global.
    If companies “profit” in a nation state then they should pay the taxes in the “nation state”…..what profits they make elsewhere should also be TAXABLE
    in the countries they “profit” in…….enforcement unfortunately is almost impossible ” internationally” but locally it is possile.

    UK s corporation TAX is heading downward to 20% same as VAT and Income TAX…so corporations pay same as individuals and their VAT locally.

    It makes UK very competitive for investors….especially USA investors who
    avoid the USA global corporation tax system.

    TAXATION is a very complex issue but one that is neccessary to raise revenue
    and the standard of living of individuals in nation states.

    The more TAXES the government receives the more benefits for the
    improvements of their citizens welfare.

    SWITZERLAND AUSTRIA SWEDEN (all non EURO) countries (nation state)
    has the highest TAXATION on the planet but they also have the highest standard of living…….TAX and benefits go hand in hand.

    my spin entirely

    GUYANA must use TAXATION more efficiently if it is to move forward…


  • Cyril Balkaran  On 09/03/2012 at 8:01 am

    People verywhere in the global village must understand that every taxed dollar will redound to their benefits.until then they will not become a part of the Tax Payment Systems that Governments everywhere has put in place. Many people also watch the spending habits of the country in the use of the Taxed dollars and yet others examine the extent of the Corruption Industry that exists for the sole deliverance of the Taxed dollars and so people everywhere commonly evade the tax net everywhere. The Corporate Citizens negotiate their investment and Tax paying mechanisms. the Public Servants who run the Government’s Complex Administrative Systems Globally are cought in the Compulsorily payment Network and can benefit only form the annual Budgetory submissions of Government and the Finance Ministers. The bigger industries that create employments also facilitate the Taxed dollars by making workers compulsorily payments as NIS or other payments as may be mandated by the OSHA. These exist in the countries as USA, UK. EUROPE and elsewhere. Tax dogers will exist and it is the local Tax collection Systems to deal with them. Incentives and Tax Amnesty do help to retrieve lost revenue but there must be committment on all parties to obey the law or be penalized for non compliance. It must be our sacred Duty to pay Taxes. Our Retirement benefits and many other subsidies of state that we often enjoy do come from the TAXED Dollars!

  • de castro  On 09/23/2012 at 11:29 am

    excellent prognosis my friend….
    UK is heading for a universal taxation figure.
    20 % income tax
    20% vat
    20 % nis

    that a 60% individual tax plan

    also they have already a 20% corporation tax objective.

    today i receive
    1. Military pension
    2. Company pension
    3. state pension (old age pension at 65)

    most people only receive one of the above…state pension.
    1+2+3 is added and I pay 20% TAX on the excess above state pension.

    The states that enforce-collect its taxes most efficiently will be the most proserous….its peoples benefiting the most.

    In 20th century this would be defined as “communistic”
    In 21st century its common sense.

    the world has moved forward….so must we…
    TAXATION is a neccessary “EVIL” which must be accepted-respected.


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