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QC-Bishops Labour Day Sunday Jam- Brooklyn NY – Sept 2, 2012

India blackout, on second day, leaves 600 million without power

India blackout, on second day, leaves 600 million without power

Washington Post July 30, 2012 -By and

NEW DELHI — The worst blackout in India’s history spread to more than half the country Tuesday, reinforcing concerns that the nation’s horribly inefficient power sector could undermine its long-term economic ambitions.

For the second day in a row, India’s electrical grid collapsed. Tuesday’s mystifying blackout, the largest in global history in terms of the number of people affected, deprived more than 600 million people of power — nearly one in 10 people in the world.    [more]

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Guyanese Online Newsletter: July 2012

Guyanese Online Newsletter: July 2012

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This monthly newsletter is published on the last day of every month, with news and events for that month.  About 70% of our readers live in the USA, Canada, and the UK, and 30-day Blog statistics for July show that the blog had 45,300 hits, from over 180 countries.

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This 28th issue has 27 pages.  Here are the major news categories:  List of top 20 most popular; July’s  Blog Entries; Guyanese Associations News,  Guest Editorial; Guyana’s Parliament and Governance; Agriculture, Forestry and Mining;  Business; Education ; Medical News; Tourism; Arts and Cultural News;  and Caribbean and Regional News.  Some videos are also included

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