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Ramotar has embraced the mistakes of his predecessor – Joey Jagan

Ramotar has embraced the mistakes of his predecessor  – Letter by Cheddie “Joey” Jagan (Jr)

Posted By Stabroek staff On August 16, 2012 |  Comments

Dear Editor,

Two months ago, at a meeting at Red House for all the candidates on the PPP/‘Civic,’ I spoke openly and forcefully. It was obvious to me that, at that meeting, the PPP leadership was preparing for a snap general election, and I warned against that and called for local elections as a more immediate concern (they will still try to have general elections, probably early next year). They will remember that I mentioned that we should consider inclusive governance, maybe at local levels like Georgetown, especially with a minority government; that Mr Granger and Mr Ramjattan are not the Taliban or al Qaeda and that we should approach them differently without a confrontational attitude, like was displayed when demonstrations led by ‘Fuzzy’ Sattaur and certain ministers in this government objected to the budget cuts. Ironically, after the budget cuts we all found out about the penchant for extra personal funds on the part of some senior members of NCN.

They all will remember – because all that President Ramotar did was take notes all the time, hardly saying anything – that I told the gathering that President Cheddi would have cut the budget more than APNU and the AFC did if he was alive and in the same situation.    Continue reading

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