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Georgetown – Massive clean-up of city begins today

Massive clean-up of city begins today

AUGUST 25, 2012 | BY KNEWS | By Abena Rockcliffe

–    The public will see significant improvements within a week –Keith Burrowes 

Following numerous discrepancies unearthed at the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC), the Ministry of Local Government has mandated the Implementation Committee chaired by Keith Burrowes to adopt a “hands-on” authoritative role in the operations of the Council.

Speaking to Kaieteur News yesterday, Burrowes disclosed that the committee, working along with the M&CC, will be carrying out a massive clean-up exercise of the city.  The project is scheduled to start today and is expected to last one week.

Burrowes disclosed that the M&CC is incapable of fulfilling its mandate to keep the city clean, mainly because of the mismanagement of resources which led to the council being equipped with one tractor and a truck.   Continue reading

Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi of South Korea.

When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show “Korea’s Got Talent” he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!  This video has now had over 80 million views.

His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure.
He told the judges that even though he didn’t think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy.
They couldn’t have been more surprised.

Senior Guyanese Friendship Association Bazaar – Sept 29, 2012

Senior Guyanese Friendship Association

Annual Bazaar and Craft Sale

Saturday, September 29, 2012
From:  12 noon to 5 p.m.

Venue:  Dennis Timbrell Community Centre, 29 St Dennis Dr., Don Mills. Toronto. Canada.

Crafts & raffles

Finger Licking Guyanese & Caribbean Foods:

Cookup rice, curry and roti, black pudding, potato balls, pastries, sweetbreads, fudge, home made ice cream, mauby, ginger beer, sorrel, and
Much, much more!!

Make donations please call:-   Carmen: 905-837-1922 or Joyce:  416-292-5660

Download Poster: Senior Guyanese Friendship Association Bazaar – Sept. 29, 2012

Melanie Fiona – Gone And Never Coming Back – video

Melanie Fiona- parents are Guyanese

Melanie Fiona Hallim was born on July 4, 1983, in Toronto, Canada.[3][4] She is the daughter and second child of Guyanese immigrant parents, who immigrated to Canada in the late 1970s.[3][5] Her parents are of AfricanIndian, and Portuguese descent.[1] Her father was a janitor before working in finance, and her mother worked in banking.[3] Hallim began writing songs at age 16.[6] Living in a music filled household, Hallim says she always knew music was her passion. Her father was a guitarist in a band and would allow her to sit on the stage when she was younger as he practiced, and remembers her mother playing music at home; from The Ronettes to Whitney Houston.             Continue reading

Guyanese ringleader in major US credit card scam jailed

Read full story:  Largest Identity Theft Case In US history

Guyanese ringleader in major US credit card scam jailed
AUGUST 25, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

Fraud Ringleader Amar Singh

A Guyanese man was earlier this month jailed by the US courts for organizing what has been described as one of the largest identity theft and credit card scams in that country.

Amar Singh, 33, agreed to a plea agreement for 5 1/3 to 10 2/3 years in prison to spare his wife, Neha Punjabi-Singh, from jail time. He was convicted on identity theft and enterprise corruption charges.

He admitted last month in court that he was running the massive scam, which included the “creation of fraudulent credit cards with stolen account information” and sending out “shoppers” “to purchase items from Apple and Best Buy for resale,” the New York Post reported.    Continue reading

Hundreds of booths expected at Guyexpo 2012

Hundreds of booths expected at – spaces going fast – GTA Director

 August 24, 2012 By 

Georgetown. Guyana – Expressions of interest for participation in Guyana’s leading trade fair and exhibition are consistently growing with over 200 exhibitors having already registered for the event slated for September 27-30  at the Sophia Exhibition Complex, under the theme ‘Strengthening the Traditional, Embracing the New”.

Today, Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Indranauth Haralsingh at a press briefing pointed out that infrastructural work on the exhibition centre has already commenced and includes improvement to the drainage system and enhancement of the compound.

Booths expected at the event number more than 400 at the four-day event.  Continue reading

Linden rebuilding begins in Guyana

Linden rebuilding begins in Guyana
Published on August 24, 2012
GEORGETOWN, Guyana (GINA) — Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, at a post- Cabinet press briefing on Wednesday informed media operatives that major features of the Linden agreement are being put in place with the inputs and support of principal stakeholders.Luncheon also said that the situation on the ground is evolving satisfactorily with visibly sustained efforts at the re-establishment of normalcy in the township.

“Cabinet discussed a range of proposals brought by its education sector to deal with the pressing the dilemma of relocating the more than 800 displaced primary school children from the burnt out school,” Luncheon said.    Continue reading

‘To Sir with Love’ author receives surprise National Award

‘To Sir with Love’ author receives surprise National Award

Edward Ricardo ‘E.R.’ Braithwaite, author of the book that was made into the popular 1967 film starring Sidney Poitier “To Sir With Love,”  (see film video clip below), was yesterday conferred a National Award when President Donald Ramotar performed the duty of affixing him the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH).

President Donald Ramotar bestowing the Cacique Crown of Honour on Mr. Edward Ricardo Braithwaite, author of the world famous, ‘To Sir With Love’.

“I am surprised because I did not expect an award. I don’t know that I have done anything to deserve the award but, I am grateful for what the award represents,” said Braithwaite, who served as a diplomat in the formative years of Guyana’s independence. Continue reading

Inter-Guiana Cultural Festival – celebration of rich mosaic

Inter-Guiana Cultural Festival – celebration of rich mosaic cultural diversity

Georgetown, GINA, August 23, 2012

The National Cultural Centre came alive tonight as the Second Inter-Guiana Cultural Festival was declared open in pomp and style and with an array of cultural items showcasing the three Guianas (Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana).

One of the many cultural presentations showcased at the opening ceremony

The Festival is premised on the notion of building bridges of friendship among the Guianas and provides for the celebration of cultural practices among celebrants in the various countries, and allows for the interaction of cultural practitioners, administrators and those in love with and willing to learn about culture and the practices in the various countries at one celebration. [Read more]

India cyber blockades in wake of ethnic violence

Internet expert criticizes India cyber blockades in wake of ethnic violence and revenge rumors

By Associated Press, Published: August 24, 2012

Earlier this month, thousands of people from the country’s remote northeast began fleeing cities in southern and western India, as rumors swirled that they would be attacked in retaliation for ethnic violence against Muslims in their home state.

Last weekend, the government said the rumors were fed by gory images — said to be of murdered Muslims — that were actually manipulated photos of people killed in cyclones and earthquakes. Officials said the images were spread to sow fear of revenge attacks.

After that, the government began interfering with hundreds of websites, including some Twitter accounts, blogs and links to certain news stories. The government also ordered telephone companies to sharply restrict mass text messages.

It is unclear who has been spreading the inflammatory material. Experts say that despite the government’s electronic interference, there are many ways to access the blocked sites.  [Read more]

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