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Linden crisis…Cautious optimism as Govt., Region 10 officials reach consensus

Linden crisis…Cautious optimism as Govt., Region 10 officials reach consensus

AUGUST 18, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon last night expressed optimism that a solution to the one-month Linden crisis is in sight, following a meeting yesterday at the Office of the President between Government officials and a delegation from Region Ten.
Solomon disclosed that the two sides formulated a document which addresses the key grouses of the citizens of Linden, such as the hiking of the electricity rates, lack of economic investments, and the absence of an independently-owned television station.

However, he also explained that the team representing Region Ten had only initialed the document, since a lot depends on the resolving of issues such as the Commission of Inquiry into the July 18 killing and injury of protesters.  Continue reading

Text of the agreement between Gov’t and Reg.10 Council

Text of the agreement between Gov’t and Reg.10 Council

Demerara Waves  – Friday, 17 August 2012 22:19


On this th day of August 2012 the Government of Guyana and Region 10 hereby agree to the following:
i) That the situation of Electricity Tariffs in Linden will remain at the pre-July 1st 2012 rates and the implementation of a future tariff regime in Linden will await due consideration of the findings and recommendations of the Technical Team.
ii) The establishment of a Technical Team to investigate the electricity situation in Linden.
The terms of Reference of the Technical Team are as follows:

[more  …  Agreement between Govt and Region 10]

Letter to the Editor – by Eusi Kwayana

Letter to the Editor – by Eusi Kwayana

The Editor.  Kaieteur News. Georgetown

Dear Editor,

I thank heaven that the barefaced and cowardly attack on Mr. Freddie Kissoon did not come from the typical street person, who gets the bad name for everything bad in Guyana.  The offender’s mode of escape shows that the offender or his handler is not of the suffering class.

The attack on Mr Kissoon, well known for his solidarity with those he knows to be sufferers and victims of injustice, and now with Lindeners, falls into a pattern of political behaviour. Clearly it comes from the government or its defenders.  Although he escaped serious injury the attack must be classed among the Ugliest, coming from a  political desert and a wish to control everything and everyone in sight.  In 2010 they attacked him with human body waste. Now they threw a human body itself unto the fray, wasting a whole person. That is not all. They fired him as an academic with the special provision, worthy of the courts, that he should never be hired again in any capacity .  Continue reading

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