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Slain Lindeners laid to rest…Monument to be erected in their honour – Granger

Slain Lindeners laid to rest…Monument to be erected in their honour – Granger

AUGUST 2, 2012 | BY KNEWS |
lBy Jenelle Carter

As sunrise greeted the mining town of Linden yesterday there was a somber mood, as what would have been an Emancipation celebration turned out to be the day the community buried three of their loved ones. By the end of the day it was established that a monument would be erected in their honour at the Wismar shore.

Ron Somerset

At the break of dawn, the remains of Shemroy Bouyea, Ron Somerset and Allan Lewis left the mining town for the Square of the Revolution where they were met by a large gathering for a viewing.
As the procession made its way back to Linden, the massive crowd thronged the Wismar/Mackenzie Bridge, the very site at which the men lost their lives.

While there was very little police presence throughout the area from Amelia’s Ward to Wismar, there was a relatively heavy army presence.
Persons braved intermittent rainfall as they came out in their thousands to bid farewell to what many referred to as their “fallen heroes” and “martyrs”.   Continue reading

Emancipation Messages: 2012

Emancipation Messages: 2012

AUGUST 1, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

Here are the messages from a number of organizations

Alliance For Change

As Guyanese engage in Emancipation observances this year, the Alliance For Change (AFC) urges all Guyanese to reflect on the true state of our freedom.
The AFC notes that this year the observances fall at a time when Linden is caught up in the throes of mourning for three of their sons, whose lives were snuffed out as the people of Linden demonstrated in a manner synonymous with the rights of free men.
In no democratic society where freedom truly exists would men and women be prevented from exercising and enjoying basic human rights. The respect for and guarantee of human rights is the hallmark of a truly free society. When people have their rights taken away, then they can no longer claim to be free.        read more….

Read all of the messages: Emancipation Messages -2012

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Emancipation Day Message from His Excellency, President Donald Ramotar

Emancipation Day Message from His Excellency, President Donald Ramotar

AUGUST 1, 2012 | BY KNEWS |
I extend hearty greetings to all Guyanese on the occasion of Emancipation Day, 2012.  This day which is also popularly known as Freedom Day marks the anniversary of that very first Emancipation Day, August 1st, 1834 when the heinous system of slavery was outlawed in the British West Indian colonies.

While Emancipation did not end exploitation, it ended that barbaric system of slavery in which millions of persons were transported against their will to foreign lands and made to toil unremittingly without reward or recognition. Continue reading

Big turnout at Square for viewing of slain Lindeners

Big turnout at Square for viewing of slain Lindeners

Posted By Stabroek editor On August 1, 2012 @ 12:51 pm |  Comments

A moving funeral service and viewing took place at the Square of the Revolution today for Shemroy Bouyea, Allan Lewis and Ron Somerset – the three shooting victims of the Linden electricity uprising as about 2,000 persons paid their respects and called for justice.

Amid African drumming and music befitting Freedom Day, and overlooked by the Cuffy monument, three hearses bearing the bodies of the slain men who were shot and killed by Police departed the Square of the Revolution after lunch for Linden where a service will be held at the Wismar-Mackenzie bridge – the location where they died on July 18 when they were part of a protest demanding that Government withdraw a proposal for higher electricity tariffs.

Read more :  Big turnout at Square for viewing of slain Lindeners

Happy First of August – Eusi Kwayana

Happy First of August  – Eusi Kwayana

This is the Anniversary that marks the end, forty years after Haiti, sadly not of human bondage, but of the right to own human beings in the British dominated Caribbean. This outcome of the resistance of the Africans and their supporters meant that enslavement was outlawed in the hemisphere.  Continue reading

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