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Vivian Lee passes at the age of 93

Vivian Lee passes at the age of 93

By Cyril Bryan – Guyanese Online

Isabelle and Vivian Lee with the late Olga Lopes-Seale taken in Barbados in July 2010 (pix by Guyanese Online)

Vivian Lee, one of the pioneers of early broadcasting and entertainment in the 1950s at Radio Demerara, and who ran a successful advertising and music business in Guyana up to the late 1970’s, passed on August 16 at the age of 93.

Vivian and his wife Isabelle resided in Vancouver, British Columbia, since 1985 after spending seven years in France. In Vancouver he was one of the founders of the Guyanese Cultural Association of BC in 1986, after a visit there by then President Desmond Hoyte brought out the Guyanese in British Columbia Canada, and started the process.    Continue reading

Usain Bolt – The Fastest Man Alive (Documentary)

Usain Bolt – The Fastest Man Alive (Documentary)

This is a comprehensive documentary of Usain Bolt’s life up to the 2012 London Olympics, where he became the first man to win the 100m, 200m and be part of the 4×110 team to win gold medals in consecutive Olympics.

President Donald Ramotar visits Linden under heavy security

President Donald Ramotar made his final push into the mining town of Linden under heavy security.

Region 10 Chairman Sharma Soloman describes President’s Linden visit as a mere photo opportunity

With most of the roads cleared, President Donald Ramotar made his final push into the mining town of Linden under heavy security.

The visit came just two days before the one month anniversary of the start of the Linden protests and the shooting death of 3 of the Linden protestors. The President had always said he would only visit the protesting community when the roads were cleared. But from all appearances Lindeners protested the President’s visit by staying in their homes and away from the meeting at the Watooka guest house. Under 50 persons attended that first meeting and the President told those gathered that he had always wanted to visit the community. He spoke about the discussions with region 10 officials saying that some agreements have already been made.    Continue reading

Georgetown’s garbage – Citizens say blame game should stop

Citizens believe the blame game should stop and systems put in place to deal with the city’s garbage

As the Georgetown municipality and central government continues to play politics over the affairs of the city, garbage is piling up everywhere.
Some citizens believe that the blame game should stop and systems put in place to deal with the garbage situation.

When Capitol News took its cameras to the streets some citizens  described the situation as shameful and pointed to the bad image it gives to this country.

One resident also  called  for the reopening of the Princess Street incinerator since in his mind things were far better when it was operational.
And some people we spoke with believe  that a collective approach is needed and that the council needs to get more serious with persons who are littering indiscriminately.

City Hall is saying that the lack of finance is severely affecting their daily management of the city.

Leaked NCN report says…No evidence GT&T was billed ….

Leaked NCN report says…No evidence GT&T was billed for production of Jingle competition

 AUGUST 16, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

Investigations at the National Communications Network (NCN) by an appointed auditor in June to probe allegations of financial irregularities found that despite several weeks of production work on GT&T’s Jingle and Song Competition, the state-owned entity did not even bill their client and as a result did not receive millions of dollars owed.
NCN had been hired to record and edit the shows, broadcast them, and air the advertisements on both its radio and network of television channels.

It was these same production costs which the auditor found that Production Manager, Martin Goolsarran, submitted an invoice in his personal name and home address and collected $3,930,000 and later deposited to his personal bank account.  [more]

 Leaked NCN report says…Difficult to verify how much money was being made

 AUGUST 15, 2012 | BY KNEWS |  –    ads aired, clients not billed

A damning report into fraud allegations at the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) has unearthed shocking details of how poorly kept records made it difficult for auditors to verify how much money was actually being made.   [more]

Leaked report highlights several problems with the way the state owned tv station was being managed  – video

Ramjattan cautions govt…“Stop dilly-dallying with Linden”

Ramjattan cautions govt…“Stop dilly-dallying with Linden”

AUGUST 16, 2012 | BY KNEWS |
The Alliance for Change (AFC) wants the government to stop “dilly-dallying” on issues that would lead to a resolution of the unrest in Linden.
The party’s leader Khemraj Ramjattan maintains that the issues which the Lindeners are agitating about are reasonable demands that could be met.
The government is insisting that “normalcy” be returned to the town.

“I don’t know what normalcy he (the President) is talking about. Has he defined that?” Ramjattan asked yesterday, responding to the suggestion coming from officials of President Donald Ramotar’s office.
Lindeners say they will persist with their protest until their demands are met, and as far as Ramjattan is concerned, the government is being stubborn and wants to drag out a resolution of the issue. Ramjattan says Lindeners are the ones who are making just demands and not the government.    [more  …. Ramjattan cautions govt…“Stop dilly-dallying with Linden”]

Lindeners will rebuild burnt school – Reg. 10 Chairman

Lindeners will rebuild burnt school – Reg. 10 Chairman

Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon on Thursday August 16, announced that the residents of Linden will be taking steps themselves to rebuild the school which was razed by fire at the weekend.

The One Mile Primary School, which housed more than 800 students, was destroyed early Sunday morning in what is suspected to be an arson attack.

The police say they were unable to proceed with charges against an individual who had been held on suspicion because of insufficient evidence.

“On Sunday coming the people of Linden will start to clear the grounds of that building and we will start to rebuild that school ourselves.  [ more  … Lindeners will rebuild burnt school ]

After Buxton, what Linden means for Africans in Guyana -Tacuma Ogunseye

After Buxton, what Linden means for Africans in Guyana -Tacuma Ogunseye

The blood of our fallen comrades must not be shed in vain

Since the PPPC came to power in 1992, its policy has been to encourage the security forces, particularly the police, to shed African blood as a way of waging psychological warfare on the African Guyanese community…

For six years Buxton was the symbol of African resistance against state sponsored extra –judicial killings of young African men. Today, Linden has become the symbol of African resistance against political and racial oppression, economic and social marginalization.

In their scheme of things Guyana belongs to them, the country is their private property and we the citizens, are their slaves.

The main slave catcher of plantation Linden was Prime Minister Samuel Hinds,

The outcome of the Linden crisis will determine the future of Africans in Guyana – the stakes for us as a community is high…


Dear Editor,

Apart from two comments I gave to reporters who requested my views on the crisis in Linden, this is the first time that I am speaking extensively, on the historic struggle being waged by the residents of that community ….       Read more  [ After Buxton, what Linden means for Africans in Guyana -Tacuma Ogunseye ]

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