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Usain Bolt is for the ages – commentary

Blake, Bolt and Weir at the Medal ceremony -200m –  2012 Olympics

Usain Bolt is for the ages

Stabroek News – August 11, 2012  Editorial

Watching Usain Bolt, flanked by two fellow Jamaicans, leap onto the podium after his unprecedented defence of two sprint gold medals, it was clear that his arrival in the pantheon of Olympic legend owes as much to personal charisma as it does to athletic prowess. He is also an important national symbol whose victory comes on the heels of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of Independence. While Bolt is the fourth Jamaican to win a sprint gold in the Olympics (after Ben Johnson, Donovan Bailey and Lynford Christie) he is the first to do so under Jamaican colours.

It is fitting that Jamaica’s first homegrown triumph should come in the form of its greatest athlete. It is hard to imagine someone outrunning Bolt in this generation, or any other, but even if that were possible, could anyone establish pre-eminence with such panache and so much palpable joy?              Continue reading

Central High School will not be scrapped and relocated

Central High School will not be scrapped and relocated – Chief Education Officer

August 12, 2012 – KNEWS

Central High School

Central High School will be neither scrapped nor merged with the Lodge Secondary School. This is according to Chief Education Officer, Olatto Sam, during a brief telephone interview with Kaieteur News yesterday, August 11.

The proposition for relocation came after it was realized that the building in which the high school is being housed for the past 80 years, is not in keeping with requirements     [more]

“Fiery Friday” at Linden

“Fiery Friday” at Linden

Saturday August 11, 2012  –  KNEWS

–    Anger boils over at Police pre-dawn tear gas offensive
–    Buildings razed on both sides  river
–    Police say suspected acts of arson
–    Joint Services deny operation to clear barriers
–    Six detained for various offences

Anger at a surprise tear gas offensive, smoldering debris from buildings burnt to the ground, and a battle to keep the streets clear, characterized the town of Linden yesterday as the government put off a key meeting intended to hammer out a deal and return the town to normalcy.
The protest against electricity tariff increase in the town is now into its fourth week and Lindeners are maintaining their demand – for the increases to be withdrawn and for President Donald Ramotar to meet them and thrash out the events that followed the first day of the protest when three residents were shot dead by Police.

Palpable tension gripped the town in the wee hours of the morning as conflagrations raged on both sides of the Demerara River. A total of six buildings and two vehicles were destroyed.
Residents claimed that the mayhem started when ranks of the Joint Services swooped down on the community in an effort to remove barricades, using teargas to disperse those present, and even throwing canisters with the pungent substance into people’s yards.   Continue reading

A Tribute to Hugh Cholmondeley – By Sir Ronald Sanders

A Tribute to Hugh Cholmondeley

By Sir Ronald Sanders

Hugh Cholmondeley

To say that Hugh Neville John Cholmondeley was a golden voice of broadcasting in Guyana in the 1960’s and early 1970’s is to speak a truth but not to tell the whole story.  While he had a voice that commanded attention, it was his recognition that broadcasting had a key role to play in enlightening society that distinguished him.

In 1968, he became the first general manager of the Guyana Broadcasting Service (GBS).  In that role, he set about two important and standard setting tasks.  The first was to establish a team of outstanding broadcasters in Guyana who would extend the boundaries of radio beyond a purveyor of entertainment into the realm of debate on national issues; of investigative broadcast journalism; of reflecting the society through documentaries; and “live” coverage of national events when and as they happened.  His early radio documentary series ” was path breaking.  Continue reading

Even Scotland Yard is doing the Bolt Pose

Scotland Yard doing the Bolt Pose

By Vibert A. Lampkin

Even Scotland Yard is doing the Bolt Pose. After today’s mesmerizing 4x100m world record-breaking run, maybe the Brits may adopt the Pose as a salute to excellence!

I wonder what Carl Lewis would say now. Yesterday Bolt put him in his place at the News Conference. Bolt now holds world records in 100m, 200m & 4x100m. He has done what no other sprinter has ever done – back to back to back in his three events in consecutive Olympic Games.And if Jamaica had not been disqualified in the 4x400m he was due to run a leg in the final. He started out as a 400m and 200m man and then switched to the 100m.   Continue reading

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