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Lesson from Linden – commentary

Lesson from Linden

Stabroek staff On August 20, 2012 Editorial

There will be a genuine sigh of relief on the expected conclusion today of a deal between the government and a delegation from Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice) on a raft of economic issues for Linden. Hopefully this is swiftly followed by the conclusion of the meandering discussions on the terms of reference for the investigation of the July 18 killing of three protesters and the injuring of at least 20 others.

The horrific mowing down of 34 protesting miners by South African police last week is an example of how things can go badly wrong amid soaring tensions in standoffs. There can be no excusing the use of excessive and deadly force in either case. South African President Zuma cut short a visit to Mozambique and announced a commission of enquiry and as is to be expected the union whose members were at the centre of the tragedy called immediately for a credible, independent commission of enquiry. That call also resonates here and there is great anticipation over what steps the government and APNU will agree to ensure that this probe is manned by persons of integrity, its terms of reference sufficiently drawn and the requisite resources provided.              Continue reading

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