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The Guyana Friends Association (UK) – Social and mini Concert – September 30

The Guyana Friends Association (UK) – Social and mini Concert – September 30, 2012

“The Guyana Friends Association (UK) will be holding a Social and mini Concert on Sunday, 30 September, 2012 at the St Paul’s Church Hall, St Paul’s Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 8NB, Surrey, starting at 16.00 (4.00pm).  

Tickets for adults are £10, and children aged 12-16 £5.  

There will be Caribbean cuisine and sweetmeats on sale, along with poetry, dancing, songs, etc.

Registered Charity No 1025298.  All proceeds go to schools in Guyana.”

For more info contact: Bridgit A Sam-Bailey (Ms)  – Bridgit@bsambailey.com
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Book: PATH to FREEDOM: My Story of Perseverance by Conrad Taylor

Book by Conrad Taylor

PATH to FREEDOM: My Story of Perseverance by Conrad Taylor (< click)
…nostalgic for some, shocking to many, and enlightening for others…  

As editor of the first Caribbean media to carry an announcement about my book, PATH to FREEDOM: My Story of Perseverance, I thought that you might want to know that the Smithsonian Institute selected it for display in its Anacostia Museum Library. A librarian there read PATH to FREEDOM: My Story of Perseverance, loved it, and ordered it for their shelf. I am much honored!

I am equally honored that Guyana’s Eusi Kwayana, who also read PATH to FREEDOM, surprised me with the following comments:

“This is an unusual book, which many will like to ignore, but having been published will become better and better known. Although it grips the reader and is full of incident, suspense and surprise, it is also a study in unintended consequences….”   Continue reading

QC’s Jonelle James tops CAPE

QC’s Jonelle James tops CAPE

August 9, 2012 | By KNews | By Latoya Giles
   –    Overall passes increase by almost 4%

Eighteen-year-old Queen’s College (QC) student, Jonelle James, is this year’s top performer at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE).
James, the daughter of Guyana Defence Force Colonel Sydney James, gained five grade ones, in Biology, Caribbean Studies, Chemistry, Food and Nutrition and Pure Mathematics.

QC also produced several others top achievers, among them, Navindra Baldeo (four Grade Ones, one Grade Three); Christopher Chinnatambi (four Grade Ones, two Grade Twos); Kelly-Ann Persaud (four Grade Ones, one Grade Two); Melodie Lowe (four Grade Ones, one Grade Two); and Raphael Bascom (four Grade Ones, one Grade Two).   Continue reading

Bolt 1st with 2 golds in 200; leads Jamaican sweep

Bolt 1st with 2 golds in 200; leads Jamaican sweep

LONDON (AP) — When the stakes are the biggest, the spotlight most bright, Usain Bolt is as good as gold.  Good as there’s ever been.

Bolt leads Blake in Men 200m

Putting the field far enough behind that he could slow up over the last few strides and put his left index finger to his mouth to tell any critics to shush, Bolt won the 200 meters in 19.32 seconds Thursday night, making him the only man with two Olympic titles in that event.

“That was for all that people that doubted me, all the people that was talking all kinds of stuff that I wasn’t going to do it, I was going to be beaten,” Bolt said of his “Shhhhhh” gesture at the finish. “I was just telling them: You can stop talking now, because I am a legend.”   [more]

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