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National Assembly adopts no confidence motion in Minister Rohee – video

National Assembly adopted the Opposition Leader’s no confidence motion in Minister Rohee

July 31, 2012

At 2 o clock this morning (July 31, 2012), the national Assembly adopted the Opposition Leader’s motion and expressed that it no longer had any confidence in the Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee to continue in that office. The debate on the motion went on for 12 hours and several speakers from both sides of the house spoke about the motion. The Government side was in total opposition of the no confidence motion but their opposition was not enough to convince the opposition to move ahead with the motion.  Continue reading

Three slain Linden protesters for Emancipation Day burial

Three slain Linden protesters for Emancipation Day burial

August 30, 2012 – Demerara Waves

The three Linden men killed in clashes with Guyana Police Force ranks while protesting an increase in electricity rates are to be buried on Emancipation Day, August 1.

This was relayed to the media on Sunday by Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon who said they are looking to have a public viewing of the men at the Square of the Revolution, Georgetown.

“We have discussed with the families some broad issues for example the location; it has been agreed by the families to have the Square of the Revolution to be the first resting place and we’ve also agreed that there will also be  a public viewing at the Bayrock Community Centre ground in Linden.    Read more :  Three slain Linden protesters for Emancipation Day burial

Four stores destroyed in Regent St fire

Four stores destroyed in Regent St fire

Posted By Stabroek editor On July 31, 2012 @ 7:52 am

Four stores in three buildings on the northern side of Regent Street between  streets were gutted by fire this morning leaving millions of dollars in damage and the owner of one them collapsed at the scene and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Hours after the 5 am fire started, Indra’s Fashion, Boyo’s Fashion, and a duplex owned by Clairan’s, were reduced to smothering ashes. The owner of Indra’s Fashion, Ramdat Shiwprasad, 65,  collapsed at the scene and was pronounced dead at the hospital after he apparently suffered a heart attack.    … read more  …  Four stores destroyed in Regent St fire

Olympic opening ceremony – commentary

Olympic opening ceremony

The wisdom of crowds

Jul 27th 2012, 18:13 by R.B. – The Economist Magazine

OLYMPIC opening ceremonies are a strange beast. Because nearly everything else that happens at the games is guided by what the International Olympic Committee commands, the nation host often sees the opening show as its great chance to present itself to the world. London and Britain certainly did that over nearly four hours on July 27th. But what message was the country trying to get across?

Those of us lucky enough to go to the ceremony itself were treated to a 50-minute prologue, followed by a further 40-minute “warm-up” of the crowd, starting at 20:12 (get the gimmick?). So I had a lot of time to ponder the initial scene, a tableau of so many stereotypes of Britain: pretty green fields and a water mill, sure, but also maypoles, neatly trimmed hedgerows, thatched cottages and fences. At one point a (real) herd of sheep ran onto the (fake) fields; bunches of happy rural folk did somersaults, played football on the village green and performed jumping jacks (a well-known medieval game? I’m not sure) in their rural idyll.  Continue reading

PSC wants Gov’t. to make good on promises given to Linden

The Private Sector Commission wants Gov’t. to make good on promises given to Linden

JULY 30, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

—  urges removal of blockades 

The Private Sector Commission (PSC), reeling from the effects of the Linden standoff, is urging the Government to take prompt action and set target closure times for the implementation of several proposed projects and interventions in the mining town, where there have been accusations of promises made but not kept.

In a statement issued recently, the PSC wants the government to liberalise television broadcasting in the Linden area in keeping with democratic norms, giving particular support to Trade and Skill development programming.

It also wants the government to create a skilled, qualified and empowered team of civil society leaders with the vision to deal with the issue of economic development in the Linden area; a team that will work along with people of Linden and the appropriate government ministries to turn Linden into the Manaus of Guyana.

Additionally the Commission is calling for the re-establishment of a Micro-Finance scheme using the successful SEBRAE management and outreach model. [more]

Water cannon finally sent to Linden

Water cannon finally sent to Linden

July 30, 2012 – KNEWS

Linden unrest continues…as– residents reject proposal to ‘suspend’ tariff hikes

The contentious Kara Kara Bridge remained under the control of Joint Services Ranks for most of yesterday, after it was cleared of logs and other debris which were placed there by angry protestors.
Dozens of ranks formed themselves into human barricades on both sides of the bridge some 30 meters away to prevent demonstrators from replacing the blockages.
The operation to clear the bridge commenced early yesterday morning with a bulldozer aiding the ranks in the arduous task.
However, residents continued to place old car parts and fallen trees across the stretch of road between the Amelia’s Ward, First Bus Shed and the Police Outpost.

The atmosphere remained tense throughout the day and was compounded by an apparent lack of human resources on the part of the joint services to adequately deal with the situation in a holistic manner.   [more]

Granger is PNCR leader

Granger is PNCR leader

Monday 30 July 2012

The new PNCR Leader expresses his thanks

Leader of the Opposition and Chairman of the APNU retired Brigadier David Granger has been declared the Leader of the People’s National Congress/Reform, according to sources.

He defeated former finance minister Carl Greenidge at the party’s 17th Biennial Delegates Congress securing 512 votes to the latter’s 175. There was one spoilt vote, Demerara Waves Online News learnt.

Word of Granger’s victory emerged from party headquarters Congress Place around 1.30AM Monday following a lengthy delay in the voting process which reportedly began after 1PM Sunday.               Continue reading

Fat cats unmasked… ‘Disgraceful’ OP operating ‘Dharm Shala’ – Nagamootoo

Fat cats unmasked… ‘Disgraceful’ OP operating ‘Dharm Shala’ for friends, cronies – Nagamootoo

JULY 29, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

 …super salaries being paid to do little or nothing, “mostly nothing” – says Moses Nagamotoo

Attorney-at-law Moses Nagamootoo, who made headlines on Nomination Day when he defected from the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) and campaigned for the Alliance for Change, says that the latest revelation coming out of Office of the President has vindicated his position during the recent Budget Cuts.

Nagamootoo coined the phrase ‘fat cats’ in reference to persons at Government agencies being paid huge amounts and while he was unable during the budgetary process to unveil them, he says that the information which has been now made public demonstrates that “Office of the President is running a Dharm Shala for friends and cronies.”   [more]

Joe Harmon challenges figures paid to ‘fat cats’

JULY 31, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

The Guyana Government has paid to state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) some $8.7M between April 1 and July 18, this year for advertisements airing lamentations relative to the effects of the budget cuts. This information was supplied to the House by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh.          read more …  [Joe Harmon challenges figures paid to fat cats]

Pres. Ramotar’s visit on hold as Kara Kara Bridge remains under seige

Pres. Ramotar’s visit on hold as Kara Kara Bridge remains under seige

Saturday, 28 July 2012 10:28 – Demerara Waves

President Donald Ramotar’s visit to Linden has been put “on hold” as protesters Saturday afternoon continued to block the Kara Kara Bridge the main entry and exit point to the community.

“The President’s visit to Linden is on hold,” Office of the President spokesman, Kwame Mc Coy told Demerara Waves Online News ( He did  not elaborate on whether and when Ramotar would go to the south-eastern town.

The Guyanese leader should have been Linden by 10:30 AM Saturday to meet with stakeholders and have a walkabout the town that has been tense but calm since last week Wednesday’s eruption of unrest following the killing of three persons and injury to several others while protesting against the increase in electricity rates from July 1.

A short-lived successful operation that saw police and soldiers remove huge logs across the Kara Kara Bridge appeared to have resulted in a rethink of the President’s decision. Security forces have so far failed to clear the bridge again and restore order.  [more]

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Linden residents block bulldozer at Kara Kara Bridge

JULY 29, 2012 | BY  |

Guyana government super salaries

Guyana government super salaries

It is become clearer that there is the Office of the President and the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, based on the salaries paid to some party functionaries within that office.

The same Presidential Office that complained about Super Salaries upon the change of Government nearly two decades ago has some whooping salaries for the politicos at the Office of the President. And that is not all, the same PPP that complained about the merger of Political Party designations with State or National offices may have done so in form and substance although not in name!

Presidential advisors are earning nearly $5 thousand US dollars per month at the Office of the President that is nearly One Million Guyana dollars per month and it appears all of that tax-payers money being paid to All the President’s Men and Women is tax-free.  Continue reading

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