GUYANA OIL: Hydrocarbon System and Major Tectonic Events of the Guyana Basin

Technical presentation by JHI Associates- a Canje Block partner.

This is a technical presentation about the formation of oil reservoirs in Guyana and Suriname.  It has an excellent presentation of how the oil deposits of Guyana and Suriname were formed after millions of years with the continental shifts which separated South America from Africa. It may be a good idea to save the 23 page PDF PowerPoint presentation that fully explains the processes with colourful diagrams.

Hydrocarbon System and Major Tectonic Events of the Guyana Basin

Guyana/Suriname Basin Hydrocarbon System Three Rivers and Two Source Rocks

By K Nibbelink, D Boyce, M Nasser, J Boyce, R Webster and F Cedoz JHI Associates (BVI), Inc.            

Located on the northern coast of South America, the Guyana Basin is emerging as a significant hydrocarbon province. Recent discoveries in the deepwater now exceed 5 billion barrels of commercial, recoverable oil which has sparked renewed interest by the exploration community. Historical exploration wells drilled on the shelf demonstrated significant evidence of source rocks and reservoirs, but did not yield commercial hydrocarbon discoveries.

Three significant tectonics events have shaped this emerging hydrocarbon province. First, the Guyana Basin is positioned at the southern tip of the North Atlantic rift, floored in the deep water with oceanic crust surrounded by thick Jurassic thru Neocomian aged Carbonate Platforms. Second, during the Cretaceous rift stage, the South Atlantic Basin opened in a zipper fashion moving first from the south as Africa rotated in a counter clockwise direction relative to South America.  MORE of this Summary  ……. (See Full Presentation link below)

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION__Hydrocarbon_System_and Major Tectonic Events of the Guyana Basin_Nibbelink – JHI Associates

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