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VIDEO: GUYANA : Various video clips of Guyana taken from Above – 2020 – Guyana Uncut


This is a video of various parts of Guyana shot from above.

Released on October 15, 2019 by Guyana Uncut

CARICOM: Who will deliver the structural changes the pandemic has highlighted?

The View From Europe:  By David Jessop –

A timely and comprehensive policy paper produced by the Ramphal Centre has set out the structural changes required to deliver Caribbean post-COVID economic recovery. Welcoming the study, David Jessop, questions however whether the region still has the unity of purpose to deliver what it recommends.

A little earlier this month, the University of the West Indies’ Shridath Ramphal Centre, published    a policy paper that called for a new, integrated regional approach to post-COVID Caribbean economic recovery.  It asked in effect whether the region should seek to re-embrace the ‘old normal’ or seek solutions to the existing and new economic challenges that the pandemic has highlighted.    Continue reading

CITIES: Toronto Canada: “Our Pleasant City” – By Geoff Burrowes

Beautiful downtown Toronto Skyline at night taken from Center Island in Ontario Canada. Clear view of the Roger Centre and CN Tower along the Harbourfront.

Pleasant city

     Toronto in Northern North America (Canada) is truly a very pleasant city – to live in, to enjoy the diverse population and the wonderful variety of customs and foods we have brought with us: curries and other spicy treats, Chinese delicacies, Thai food, many European dishes: Italian, Greek, and others. Flavours from Africa: Morroco, Algeria, Syria,  and India, Pakistan, Albania, Turkey, Russia, the Balkans and of course, scrumptious dishes from the Caribbean: Jamaican Jerk, Goat Belly soup, Trinidadian  Roti and Guyanese Pepperpot, Metagee, Pattees and Pine Tarts!          Continue reading

GUYANA: OIL: Small companies often farm-out acreage to raise capital – By OilNOW

Exxon Drillship in Stabroek Block Guyana

GUYANA: OIL: – By OilNOW – October 18, 2018

As interest mounts about the nature of farm-in agreements in South America’s newest oil and gas hotspot – Guyana – OilNOW takes a look this week at what the term means, why it is used and to what extent do companies enter such deals in the petroleum industry.

A farm-out agreement operates as a type of sale and purchase agreement under which a seller (the “farmor”) agrees to transfer part (but not all) of its interest in an upstream asset to the buyer (the “farmee”), in exchange for that buyer agreeing to undertake (or fund) work obligations such as acquiring seismic data or drilling wells in respect of that asset.              Continue reading

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