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GUYANA: SECURITY: Joint Security Services Chiefs wary of a plan to create countrywide chaos

 Demerara Waves in CrimeNewsPolitics October 4, 2020

The Heads of the Police, defence force, prisons  and fire service on Sunday say they are wary of an apparent plan to break down law and order.

Guyana Police Force

The Joint Services Chiefs referred to the  attacks on Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie on Social Media intending to tarnish his character ad those of several of its members, saying they had expected  them to be short-lived but instead those commentators are seemingly and uncontrollably descending into the depths of lewdness.

“Though the true intention is not known at this time, one can certainly infer an intent of countrywide breakdown in law and order, since by personally bringing into question the professionalism and integrity of the officers, this is inevitable.,” they said in a joint statement.       Continue reading

GUYANA; OIL BLOCKS: Legalizing stolen state assets – Commentary

Cunning politicians use crooked middlemen to hold, receive or transfer stolen state assets. For example, politicians would have some of their shady friends establish shell companies, information about which the public cannot access. These companies would then be handed oil blocks or given other state assets.

In the past, bribes were paid into politicians’ secret bank accounts or that of their relatives. With stricter anti-money laundering and transparency laws, these bribes are now easily detectable. Corrupt politicians therefore have devised more elaborate schemes to legalize the proceeds of corrupt dealings.  Continue reading

OPINION: Christmas cheer, banana republic, Payara and more – The GHK Lall Column

>>> Encouraging events, disturbing developments <<<

Kaieteur News –  Chickens are coming for Christmas. This announcement encourages celebrating Christmas starting now. The year has been such that chicken tidings bring joy. This means availability; a manageable price; and an overdue bite for Guyanese. We have had little to sing about this year, and if it takes Christmas chickens to encourage dancing a jig, let it be.

I am encouraged that Managing Director of Cardiology Services, Inc., Dr. Mahendra Carpen, returned prime lands in Ogle to NICIL. This land award does not pass smell test or eye test. Since no finances were committed, the land was, in essence, dumped in the lap of Cardiology Services Inc. Sure, the group wanted that land, just not in this questionable manner. It is good to see Guyanese doing the right thing, even when it costs.            Continue reading

Analysis | In a Just World; Trump Beats COVID-19 And Sees It Crush His Presidency and Party 

 The collapse of his delusional denial of coronavirus could lead to a Republican rout on November 3, delighting most Western democracies except Israel

  Chemi Shalev | Haaretz        

Given the extreme emotions that Donald Trump inspires and judging by some of the harsher reactions on social media to his hospitalization on Friday, it seems safe to assume that inordinate numbers of Americans and others around the world are NOT necessarily praying for the U.S. President to get well.          

The overwhelming majority, one wants to believe, would like nothing better than for Trump to quickly get back on his feet, return to the campaign trail and in exactly 30 days suffer the crushing defeat that he, his administration underlings and his Republican Party so richly deserve.        Continue reading

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