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Britain’s mixed-race population blurs the lines of identity politics – The Economist

Ethnic minorities:. ……. It’s not black and white

Britain  Oct 3rd 2020 edition- The Economist

What was once startling is now commonplace. The number of Britons who say they have a mixed-ethnic background almost doubled between the census of 2001 and 2011, to about 1.2m, or slightly more than 2% of the overall population.        Continue reading

USA POLITICS: Military Medical Ethics and Dr. Conley’s Misrepresentations of the President’s Health – opinion

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Stephen N. Xenakis, MD and Jonathan Moreno | Just Security

WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE SYMBOLIC POWER OF A LAB COAT? In 1961, the sociologist Howard Becker titled his great book about the transition from medical student to physician Boys in White. Also, around that time the psychologist Stanley Milgram found that some ordinary people were willing to impose pain on strangers at the command of a scientist in a lab coat.

The “white lab coat” symbolizes the unique role that we bestow on members of the medical profession. By standing at the platform in a white coat, the physician to the President, Dr. Sean Conley, and his colleagues leveraged the special trust and confidence that societies endow to their healers.          Continue reading

TRAVEL – CORONAVIRUS: Is the office obsolete? Many travelers hope so – National Geographic

As the pandemic drags on, remote workers see unexpected opportunities to become digital nomads.


ARTHUR DEANE NEVER imagined that the digital nomad lifestyle—traveling the world while working remotely—was for him. As a senior manager for tech giant Google, he thought being in an office was essential for the job. But the pandemic changed that.

Four months of working from his apartment in Washington, D.C., had him going stir crazy and needing to get out. After researching places where Americans were allowed to travel and reasonable safety precautions seemed to be in place, he jetted to Aruba for a week in July.

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GUYANA: Gold Mining: Mercury- The toxic metal in the shadow of the gold industry

Guyana Gold routes -click to enlarge

By – 

This story has been published as part of “Mercury”, a project led by InfoAmazonia in partnership with Stabroek News and outlets from several countries, including TV Globo (Brazil) and Armando Info (Venezuela). The entire production was supported by the Rainforest Journalism Fund of the Pulitzer Center and the IUCN National Committee of The Netherlands. To learn more, please visit: https://mercurio.infoamazonia.org/en

By Bram Ebus and GI Sutherland

It’s late in Corriverton, a small village on the western bank of the Corentyne River, the waterway that separates Guyana from Suriname. But a few local boatmen, who shuttle people and contraband across the river, are still hanging around in front of the village brothel, drinking beers and smoking weed while chatting with the sex workers who’ve come out for the night. Most of the women are Venezuelan refugees who fled the crisis in their home country or were trafficked abroad.

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