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The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund: A bench mark for Guyana’s Natural Resource Fund

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The following entry has been submitted by Andre Brandli, a Guyanese living in Switzerland.

The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund should serve as the bench mark for Guyana’s Natural Resource Fund

The readers of Guyanese Online, who follow current affairs in Guyana, may have noticed that the new government will not accept the Natural Resource Fund Act in its current form and will either repeal or amend it sometime early next year, Minister of Natural Resources Vickram Bharat has said (https://www.stabroeknews.com/2020/10/23/news/guyana/natural-resources-fund-act-unacceptable-bharrat/). The Natural Resources Fund is fed by the Guyanese oil revenues and needs to be managed with utter care and taken out of political interference.
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GUYANA: Natural Resource Fund Act – Editorial in Stabroek News

By Stabroek News – October 19, 2020 – STABROEK NEWS EDITORIAL

It is now nearly three weeks since the last sitting of Parliament which approved a variety of bills pertaining to the 2020 budget. The PPP/C government has stated that it has a robust legislative agenda and the public must begin seeing evidence of this. Having spent five years on the opposition benches in the 11th Parliament, the new government must be acutely aware of its legislative priorities.

One of these must certainly be the Natural Resource Fund (NRF) or our version of a sovereign wealth fund to gather the revenues flowing in from the country’s natural resources. The country has already accrued over US$150m since the production of oil began in December last year and this sum is sitting in an account in the New York Federal Reserve Bank without the country and its people having access to it as the natural resources legislation has not been fully activated.        Continue reading

GUYANA: St. Stanislaus College maintains top performers among Secondary Schools

A Diasporan’s Nostalgia: Legacy of the “School Vendor” and “Lunch Lady” Revisited – By Lear Matthews


By Lear Matthews

Do you remember the School Vendor selling snacks outside our school buildings? Not so much? OK, let’s revisit her legacy. Whether it was Miss Murray, Miss Stefie, Auntie Gertie or Auntie Sattie, her presence represented an impressionable dimension of the educational environment of urban, towns and rural primary school children in Guyana and the Caribbean since the 1950’s and to a lesser extent, today.

She was like a daytime symbol occupying a small unsolicited territorial “spot” in the school yard or close proximity of the school building.  She would “set up” a make-shift stand under a tattered umbrella, near a lantern-post or under one of Guyana’s massive oaks sheltering from the beaming sun and torrential rain.         Continue reading

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