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VIDEO: Retail Apocalypse Getting Worse: $15 Trillion Market Leads To Economic Collapse !!

Retail Apocalypse Getting Worse: $15 Trillion Market Leads To Economic Collapse !!

Epic Economist – 21 October 2020 — website: https://www.epiceconomist.com

The retail apocalypse proportions are getting so extensive that its downfall has been putting the commercial real state sector in big trouble. Experts have been warning that the $15 trillion market is at risk of bleeding over into the broader financial system as the U.S. struggles to come out of a deep economic collapse.    

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VIDEO: New Races/Ethnic Groups that Might Exist in the Future – Opinion

A Masamap video

What are the new races/ethnicities that might exist in the future, considering global patterns of human migration and intermixing continue? I’ve done videos over races that might go extinct soon and races that have already gone extinct, but let’s get less morbid and discuss what the world will look like in the future if each region gradually homogenizes into a single gene pool or race.         Continue reading

Guyanese Red Ladies in the Spotlight — by Francis Quamina Farrier

Commentary: By Francis Quamina Farrier

Some months ago, I wrote an article in which I ‘shook hands’ with the ‘redmen’ of Guyana, so to speak. In that article I paid tribute to the late Dr. Michael Gilkes, who had just passed on due to health complications brought on by the coronavirus.

The article was extremely well received not only by ‘redmen’, but by a wide cross-section of Guyanese both at home and abroad. One level of observation which I received, was that I should consider it necessary to write another article – this time about the ‘red ladies’ which I am now embarking on.    Continue reading

OPINION: Black Hair Care — Corona Virus Fear – By Yvonne Sam

It is no secret that hair plays a major role within Black culture.

By Yvonne Sam

As the rapid spread of COVID-19 — the novel virus that has affected hundreds of thousands globally — continues to upend lives and livelihoods, it seems hair care would be the least of any person’s concern. While the world is reeling from the ever–increasing death toll, the black hair care industry is feeling the effects of the virus in a different way—the importers cannot meet the orders due to restrictions meant to contain the virus. https://www.blackenterprise.com/black-haircare-vendors-say-they-their-business-is-being-affected-by-the-coronavirus-outbreak/

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