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Guyana Elections: Anti-government protestor assassinated + Reactions and comments

Anti-government protestor assassinated

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Opposition political activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing, well known for his one-man protests, was shot dead last evening at Third Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) while urging frontpageresidents to vote against the ruling party in the upcoming General and Regional elections on May 11.
The 40-year-old Crum-Ewing of Golden Grove, EBD, was shot about five times.
The shooting is believed to have occurred sometime between 19:40 to 20:00 hrs.

Police in a statement said that Crum-Ewing was walking along the roadway at Third Avenue when a car with four men drove up from which shots were discharged at him, “after which the men escaped”.   Continue reading

India’s Daughter – documentary on gang rape murder story banned in India

 MAR 9, 2015  … links compiled and published on the St. Stanislaus College website.

India’s Daughter India's daughter

India’s Daughter is the story of the gang rape and murder of a young woman that shocked the world and sparked riots and protests all over India. Grieving parents and one of the rapists tell the story of the night six men brutally assaulted 23 year old medical student, Jyoti Singh while driving around Delhi, India’s Capital, in a bus.

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Joey Jagan on “Coalition”, “government corruption” and U.G. – 3 videos

Joey Jagan, the son of the late Cheddie and Janet Jagan comments  on Guyana’s politics. In these three videos he suggests: (1) the need for “Coalition” to mend the rift between the two major ethnic groups; (2) the need to deal with government corruption and (3) the need to improve the University of Guyana (UG).



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Russell Peters – “Somebody Gonna Get Hurt, Real Bad!!!” – comedy video

Russell Peters – “Somebody Gonna Get Hurt, Real Bad!!!!!!!!”

This is one of the earlier shows by Russell Peters…. read more below:

Russell Peters – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Peters’ stand-up performances feature observational comedy, using humour to  highlight racial, ethnic, class and cultural stereotypes. He often refers to his own experiences growing up in an Indian family, and impersonates the accents of various ethnic groups to poke fun at them.

    As he told an audience in San Francisco, “I don’t make the stereotypes, I just see them.”[26] In a 2006 interview with The National, Peters observed that he didn’t intend to put down or offend different races and cultures, but tried to “raise them up through humour”.[27]   Continue reading

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