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Guyana: Capitol News TV Videos – 04 May 2015

Guyana: Capitol News TV Videos – 04 May 2015

  • Joey Jagan officially endorses opposition coalition
  • Berbice businessman perishes in fire
  • Smooth Disciplined Forces Voting
  • Teachers on limited industrial action
  • Presidential Third Term Limit ruling May 12
  • Sports

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Joey Jagan officially endorses opposition coalition

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Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 17 March 2015

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 17 March 2015

  • Granger speaks on coalition’s plans for manufacturers and service providers
  • Joey Jagan speaks out against Jagdeo’s statement on the Jagans’ lifestyle
  • Rohee, Granger at odd over management of security sector
  • Mischievous Guy Homer Bower nabbed with cocaine in New York
  • A Look at the Courts
  • Sports


Granger speaks on coalition’s plans for manufacturers and service providers

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Joey Jagan on “Coalition”, “government corruption” and U.G. – 3 videos

Joey Jagan, the son of the late Cheddie and Janet Jagan comments  on Guyana’s politics. In these three videos he suggests: (1) the need for “Coalition” to mend the rift between the two major ethnic groups; (2) the need to deal with government corruption and (3) the need to improve the University of Guyana (UG).



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Where are the billions? – letter by “Joey” Jagan

Dear Editor,

In Guyana, when those in charge of our economy talk in monetary terms, they talk in millions and billions of dollars which are spent to run our dear country. The 2011 Budget allocations add up to a whopping $162 Billion Guyana dollars which is really $162,000 Million and let me spell it out in plain terms- one hundred and sixty-two thousand million dollars!!

When one talks about a billion, one has to take this figure into perspective and then realize how politicians like to have the levers of spending our money which we , the citizens work extremely hard for to provide for our families.

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Letter on Denis Solomon – by Joey Jagan

Letter on Denis Solomon – by Joey Jagan

Dear Editor,

I would like to share, from personal experience, the achievements which Guyanese are capable of by relating the educational voyage which an old friend of mine completed with great distinction. Denis Solomon , a school-mate of mine from Queens College(1961-1967), was always an achiever and always brought home to his Syrian – Guyanese parents living on Smyth Street , grades which were always at the top of his form(class) at QC. Denis, I remember, always won prizes for bringing first or second each and every term at QC and was a good friend and one to look up to with admiration because of his disciplined approach to his studies, his humour and unique Syrian-Guyanese “look”, respectful and correct in every way and always, neat and well dressed. My father , President Cheddi, always liked Denis’ disposition and encouraged me to be more like him, especially in my studies; these were the times when Denis often visited at Red House to play cricket and just “hang out”.           Continue reading

Change required in Guyana – Look to the USA – “Joey” Jagan

Letter to the Editor:

Change required in Guyana – Look to the USA – “Joey” Jagan

May 5, 2011

Dear Editor,
For 45 years, we, the citizens of Guyana, have been living with some sort of “socialism-communism” at the governmental level, while at the private sector leve , there’s a sort of laissez- faire attitude on one hand, to the seemingly structured free enterprise in the traditional rationale, on the other. But basically, state intervention into the economic life of our country has, overall, been detrimental to every generation of Guyanese since independence; a command type of economy never works because corruption, ineptitude and sloth take hold easier than in private sector concerns, resulting in burdens of great magnitude on the taxpaying public.

Editor, let me give examples of what I am talking about; let’s take GT&T now and compare it to when government owned it , not too many years ago.  GT&T serves the Guyanese citizens much better than before-do you think that if the government still owned this entity, we could pick up our cell phones and call Moscow or New York anytime of the day or night? No way! Do you think that we would have house phones that work to call anywhere if the state owned it? No way! I need say no more except to point to the deficient water and electricity sectors which government owns, not to mention the shabby Guyoil gas stations, with the bad service they provide and GuySuCo, with tax payers money going down the drain.

Editor, for 45 years we, the citizens have had to endure leaving our loved country or staying to live in poverty, degradation and despair while the big shot politicians with  their patronage powers enjoy the fruits of our sweat, and we  get the left overs. For 45 years, all of our governments have led us in the command type system with its centralism (everything in Georgetown), bureaucracy (25 ministers!) and inherent corruption (where’s the ombudsman?). For 45 years, we’ve been told of the evils of America and the imminent collapse of capitalism and the fall of that country’s economy, but yet, America is the place where most of our people have fled to and are doing well, just look at remittances to Guyana from the USA from our brethren there to help their kith and kin.

For 45 years, the private sector is at the mercy of governmental policies, where foreign investment and trade is lopsided against USA and European potential investments; where our natural resources are not exploited in the correct way to produce wealth and prosperity for all our children. For 45 years we, the citizens, have had to live with: terrible roadways, demoralizing crime, ridiculous wages, poor services like sanitation and irrigation, outrageous taxes and duties, serious curbs on our fragile democracy like the one radio station government owns, lack of proper local government authority instead of central government dictat, and, lastly, a flawed constitution.

Editor, the causative factor of all the maladies mentioned above is the command type administrations in our country where instead of the private sector playing the pivotal role for a renewed Guyanese style free enterprise, we have instead the continuing domination by government intrusion into our economic and political life, placing private enterprise in secondary and even tertiary roles in developing our country’s potential.

Editor, the only answer to our forward movement as a nation is to base our institutional norms at a level where democracy interacts with a Guyanese flavoured private enterprise  system which should be modeled on the American system and where, the United States would become our dominant investment and trading partner. Because of the widespread settlement of our people all over America and their successes, it is incumbent that we court them as investors and experts in differing fields, especially where we are deficient of skilled and experienced personnel.

We need to support great initiatives like  Mr.Yesui Persaud’s IPED, a great start in private enterprise development at the base of our society; we need to do like in America and get rid of state ownership of water, electricity, TV stations and press, gasoline stations, etc. and like in America, the government needs to subsidize all farmers handsomely, in order to grow and export more food . Editor, I need not say more, except to mention that  the USA is a living example of democracy and humanistic capitalism at work and we in Guyana do not have to “invent the wheel”, because it’s right in front of us, in America .

You know , Editor, I always ask people in Guyana if there was a great natural calamity here, who would be the first nation to help us in our great hour of need and I always remind them that it would be the USA . We need a new dispensation for our political and economic future; we need change so I urge all potential voters, it’s not too late to register.

Yours faithfully,