Caribbean jurists likely for Guyana probe into killings

Caribbean jurists likely for Guyana probe into killings

Monday August 20, 2012 Demerara Waves

The 15-nation Caribbean Community (Caricom) on Monday announced that three distinguished legal luminaries have been nominated to serve on a Commission of Inquiry into the July 18 disturbances in Linden that left three people dead.

Those recommended include Former National Security Minister, Senior Counsel K.D. Knight; former Chief Justice of Jamaica, Lensley Wolfe and former independent senator in Trinidad and Tobago, Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal.

The Caricom Secretariat said the three jurists were recommended by Caricom Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin La Rocque after consultations.  

The smaller opposition Alliance For Change (AFC) had been pressing for a full-fledged international commission of inquiry while the larger A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) agreed with government that there should be foreign input, preferably from the Caribbean.

The three Lindeners were killed during clashes between police and protesters who had been demanding that government withdraw plans to increase the cost of electricity to consumers there by reducing the state subsidy.

The opposition and government are yet to agree to all of the terms of reference to the Commission of Inquiry.

Following is the full text of the statement:


Following the unfortunate incidents surrounding the protests at Linden on 18 July 2012 which led to the deaths of three (3) citizens of Guyana, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has been engaged with the Government of Guyana on a continuous basis. 

At the request of the Government of Guyana, the Community has recommended three distinguished CARICOM Nationals to serve on a Commission of Inquiry which is expected to enquire into and report on matters related to the events of that day. The three CARICOM nationals are: Mr Justice Lensley Wolfe O.J., Mr KD Knight S.C and Ms. Dana Seetahal S.C.

Mr Justice Wolfe is a distinguished jurist and former Chief Justice of Jamaica.  He is currently Chairman of the Public Service Commission of Jamaica and also served as chairman of the Police Public Complaints Authority of Jamaica.  Mr Knight, a practising attorney, has been a Senior Counsel since 1995 and has had a distinguished career in politics and law in Jamaica. He held positions in the cabinet of Jamaica including the portfolios of National Security and Foreign Affairs.  Ms Seetahal, also a practising attorney, has been a Senior Counsel since 2006 and is a former Independent Senator in the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament and a former lecturer at the Hugh Wooding Law School in that country.

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 08/21/2012 at 1:39 am

    The Ramoutar administration is indeed making Progress and now that the names of the eminent Jurists have been released, they will each be given the Instruments of Authority to deliberate on the matter on July 18th that led to the sad loss of 3 Human lives.That the trems of reference has been agreed to and the Caricom Commissioners have been selected, we will wait and hear of the findings of this Commission. Even though we may claim we already know and why waste good Tax payers money on this Caribbean Crap. We will get to the bottom of the matter and we will know who caused the Police to open fire with lead bullets instead of the rubber bullets. We will and certainly know enough of the business of any sabatoge in the Elecitricity Subsidies to Lindeners. Caricom is still a force to reckon with after all they seem to have been a silent force over the years they have been in existence. Remarkable Progress for CARICOM indeed.i

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