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Guyana Ministry of Foreign Affairs : Diaspora Conference Webinar – September 8, 2021 – Presentation

Diaspora Conference Webinar – September 8, 2021

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, we want to thank you for attending the webinar on September 8, 2021. Even if you did not attend you could have an idea of the event by downloading the PowerPoint presentation below.

We look forward to your participation in future events.

Please find Ms. Rosalinda Rasul’s PowerPoint presentation on the link below:

PowerPoint Presentation – Diaspora Update Webinar 8 September 2021

Kind regards,

Diaspora Unit

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

  • “Takuba Lodge”
  • 254 South Road & Shiv Chanderpaul Dr.,
  • Georgetown, Guyana
  • +592 226-1606-8 ext. 249, 310, 342, 262

USA: The Future Of American Power – By: Arundhati Roy | The Economist  

Arundhati Roy | The Economist  

This By-invitation commentary is part of a series by a range of global thinkers on the future of American power, examining the forces shaping the country’s standing.

IN FEBRUARY 1989 the last Soviet tank rolled out of Afghanistan, its army having been decisively defeated in a punishing, nearly decade-long war by a loose coalition of mujahideen, who were trained, armed, funded and indoctrinated by the American and Pakistani Intelligence services.

By November that year the Berlin wall had fallen and the Soviet Union began to collapse. When the cold war ended, the United States took its place at the head of a unipolar world order. In a heartbeat, radical Islam replaced communism as the most imminent threat to world peace. After the attacks of September 11th, 2001: The political world as we knew it spun on its axis. And the pivot of that axis appeared to be located somewhere in the rough mountains of Afghanistan.         Continue reading

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