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GUYANA: School Reopening: Poor handling, and possibly worse in the making – By GHK Lall

Encouraging Events, Disturbing Developments

I was against from the inception, disturbed that the Government and Minister of Education Priya Manickchand would rush ahead so recklessly and endanger our children, families, communities. My position is that the wisest course should be implemented, after all considerations have been given their rightful weight. Our children should be outside the regular politics that seeps into everything here. On school reopening, it should not be just yet.

Still, I am listening to and weighing what the Minister of Education offers, if only to let better heads prevail. Frankly, such heads do not include the Government, from its twin-headed leadership to most ministers. There are too many party hacks and political operators around.          Continue reading

Former Suriname President Bouterse’s 20-year jail sentence for murder confirmed

Former President Desi Bouterse’

Suriname’s former President Desi Bouterse’s 20-year jail sentence for the murder of 15 persons while he had been a military ruler in 1982 was Monday morning confirmed.

Starnieuws reports that Bouterse was not in court, saying he was sick and no arrest has been ordered.

The session lasted a very short time. No new facts have emerged, the Court Martial concluded.          Continue reading

NEW YORK: Governor Hochul faces first test in eviction moratorium special session

New Yorkers call for the extension of eviction moratorium. – The Flatbush Tenant Coalitionher
Governor Kathy Hochul will face  first test Wednesday at threading the needle between tenant activists calling for an extension of the moratorium for evictions and landlords saying the moratorium puts them on the hook to pay millions of dollars in taxes while not getting any rent.

Assemblyman Peter Abbate (D-Brooklyn) confirmed the State Legislature will hold a special session at noon on Sept. 1 in a deal to extend the moratorium, which expired Tuesday, Aug. 31 to probably January 2022.        Continue reading

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