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GUYANA: Mandatory Vaccination Protests: Businesses in Region 10 close doors in solidarity

Protest against COVID-19 vaccination policy…

Sep 07, 2021 – Kaieteur News The Upper-Demerara Berbice Region (Region 10) was in full lockdown mode yesterday in protest against the mandatory vaccination policy being enforced by the government. Over 90 percent of the businesses on both the Mackenzie and Wismar shores were closed and public transportation services did not operate, except for a few taxis. Water-taxi operators also halted their operation for the day.

In fact schools that were slated to be reopened yesterday remained closed. While some parents opted to keep their children home, there were others who were unable to send their children to school because of the lack of public transportation.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Unvaccinated teachers, parents locked out of Essequibo schools

– Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) threatens to act

Sep 07, 2021 –Kaieteur News – The first day of school was off to a bumpy start for a number of unvaccinated parents and teachers who were locked out of schools within Region Two. The lockout follows a recent amendment to Section 17 of the COVID-19 regulations, which stipulates in part that persons without proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test result will not be granted access to any public buildings.


When asked what course of action the union is prepared to take, should the issue persist, McDonald said, “at the moment GTU will encourage its members to turn up for school, so that nobody can say you did not show up for your work. I’m not sure what we can approach the Ministry with, because of the new Gazette Orders that was put out… We’re looking on to see what will happen on Wednesday, and if the issue persists, we may possibly have a withdrawal from the system, until the matter can be addressed.”    Continue reading

BOOK: The Writer’s Life: Character Development for ‘The Twisted Circle’ – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Aerial View of Ogle Airstrip before Upgrade to an International Airport in 2009 – East Coast Demerara – Guyana

While The Twisted Circle is a work of fiction, it has been inspired by real events that occurred during my final year in a Catholic convent in my native land of Guyana. This presented a challenge when creating unique characters who did not mirror the true-life individuals. To distance myself from the protagonist, Sister Barbara Lovell, I made her a dougla—a person of African and East Indian ancestry, the country’s two major racial and ethnic populations. With a family background much different from mine, her journey led to its own resolution for the character.


USA: LABOR DAY 2021 – BY Chaitram Aklu

USA: LABOR DAY 2021 was celebrated on September 06, 2021

Inline image

A section of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) contingent at the 2019 Labor Day Parade in Manhattan. The union was formed in 1960 and  now represents nearly 200 000 members in New York City. Photo by C. Aklu

Simply put a labor union is a group of workers organized to protect their rights and improve working conditions.

In 2021 American workers are working more hours than workers in Japan, Britain, France and Germany, but they are earning less. Workers in the United States earn the federal minimum wage of $7.25. It was 25 cents per hour in 1938. The highest minimum wage of $15 per hour is earned by workers in Washington D.C. California pays $14 per hour. There is great disparity even within states and sectors. In New York for example, the minimum is $12.50 statewide but it is $15.00 an hour in New York City and Long Island and Westchester County.            Continue reading

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