The Guyana Institute of Historical Research – call for papers for June 2019 Conference

The Guyana Institute of Historical Research – call for papers  

12th Research Conference, on Saturday 29 June, 2019

The Guyana Institute of Historical Research, based in Montrose, East Coast Demerara Guyana. will host its 12th Research Conference, on Saturday 29 June, 2019, and is inviting submission of abstracts and papers.

The conference theme is “Labour, military history and, migration.”   The early registration fee is

G$5,000 for those who register on/offline between December 2018 and 28 June 2019. The late registration fee: G$10,000.

Abstracts must be submitted by 14 June 2019, and early submission of abstracts will ensure that they are included in the Book of Abstracts.   

Papers must be submitted by 22 June 2019, to facilitate photocopying for circulation to paid registered participants.

The committee will consider proposals on all aspects of the history of labour, military and migration and  especially encourages submissions that reflect on this year’s theme; submissions that focus on other topics will also be entertained. Submissions of pre-organized panels and round-tables are strongly encouraged.

Panel, round-table, and poster proposals will include the following information:

  • Panel proposals must include a panel title and 300-word abstract summarizing the theme of the panel; paper title and a 300-word abstract for each paper proposed; and a one-page professional curriculum vitae for each panelist (including the chair and commentator).
  • Round-table proposals must include a round-table title, a 300-word abstract summarizing the round-table’s themes and points of discussion, and a one-page curriculum vitae for each participant (including the moderator, if any).

Individual paper proposals are also welcome and must include a paper title, a 300-word abstract of the paper and a one-page vita with contact information and email address. If accepted, individual papers will be assigned by the program committee to an appropriate panel with a chair and commentator.  Volunteers, who wish to serve as chairs and commentators should send a one-page curriculum vitae to one of the following persons:

GIHR Conference specialist: Syndrene Harris

Conference committee chairman: Tota Mangar

Registrar: Hazel Woolford –

The focus of the theme:

  1. Centenary of the registration of the BGLU (1919).
  2. Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow.
  3. Labor and Workplace.
  4. Worker’s rights.
  5. Economic development in nineteenth century British Guiana.
  6. Poverty and unemployment.
  7. Centenary of the end of World War 1 (1914-1918).
  8. Guyanese and West Indian soldiers.
  9. Gershom O. Brown.
  10. Economic causes of World War 1
  11. Demographic and, political consequences of World War 1.
  12. Migration
  13. Windrush generation.
  14. Racial inequality.
  15. Immigration policy
  16. North America
  17. Caribbean
  18. Middle East.
  19. Women, Gender and, politics.
  20. Amerindian women and politics.
  21. Women and local government.
  22. China in Africa.
  23. China in Guyana, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
  24. The legacy of Indian immigration.

For more information, contact the conference registrar, Hazel Woolford:

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