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The sanctions have begun… APNU applauds EU for withholding budgetary support

The sanctions have begun… APNU applauds EU for withholding budgetary support

January 25, 2015 | By – urges embassies to follow suit with other sanctions

Opposition Leader, David Granger, along with his Shadow Minister of Finance, Carl Greenidge, is elated to know that the government is finally receiving international sanctions for having prorogued the Parliament.
The European Union (EU) recently announced that it has temporarily put on hold its two latest partial payments — EURO $28.9M for Guyana’s sugar sector and EURO $14.8M for sea defences– until all eligibility criteria, including budget oversight, are “satisfactorily” addressed.

The EU made clear that it has a long standing commitment to support development and poverty reduction in Guyana.  Last year, it said that EURO $34 million was allocated to Guyana under the 11th European Development Fund. EU aid is channeled through different modalities. Budget support is one of them and Guyana is receiving the payments under this model.   Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 26 January 2015

Capitol TV News Videos – 26 January 2015 

  • Granger patches up relations with Linden faction
  • Banks DIH wants VAT removed at fast food restaurants
  • Elections Day exams delayed -May 11 CXC Exams shifted to June 15,16
  • Ramotar to lead PPP into General Elections
  • Gunfight at Popeye’s Restaurant
  • GGMC strike affecting interior mining operations

Click links below to view the TV News videos: 
Granger patches up relations with Linden faction

Posted: 26 Jan 2015 04:11 PM PST   Continue reading

In going for the whole hog, we may end up losing the whole hog – By Dr. David Hinds

In going for the whole hog, we may end up losing the whole hog
Published on January 27, 2015
By Dr David Hinds


Dr. David Hinds

Since my last article, there have been some very energetic discussions, particularly on social media about the composition of the much touted all-opposition pre-election coalition, especially the AFC-Nagamootoo-led ticket. Nuff respect to the debaters. Those who thought I was being “racist” by bringing the race component into the open are now hearing from many African Guyanese — “But an African is not good enough to be president?”

The answer to them is that the objective is to get rid of the PPP and all other considerations must take backseat — what I call an overdose of expediency. Some, APNU supporters have even argued that in any case David Granger’s track record over the last three years does not qualify him to be the top man so why not go with Moses — a tacit admission that there is no African to fit the bill.   Continue reading

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