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PPP dual-citizenship MPs to resign, Adrian Anamayah will not renounce US nationality

PPP ‘s Adrian Anamayah and Oppostion Leader Bharrat Jagdeo

said his People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) Members of Parliament (MPs), who are holders of dual citizenship, would be resigning and only one of them has informed that he would not be renouncing his American citizenship.

Jagdeo said that person is backbencher, Attorney-at-law Adrian Anamayah. “He has explained to me that there are family obligations and other issues so he will not renounce because of those commitments…,” he said.            Preview (opens in a new tab) Continue reading

Four Guyana Government MPs – Ministers with Dual Citizenship Resign

Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge (top left), Minister of State Joseph Harmon (top right), Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin (bottom left) and Minister of Public Service Dr Rupert Roopnarine (bottom right) have resigned.

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Tuesday April 2, 2019 – Four Parliamentarians in Guyana, all of whom were ministers, have resigned ahead of the first sitting of the National Assembly since the government lost a no-confidence vote last year.

Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge, Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin and Minister of Public Service Dr Rupert Roopnarine – all of whom have British citizenship – along with Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who has United States citizenship, called it quits yesterday.            Continue reading

PPP to boycott Parliament until CCJ ruling on no-confidence case

PPP to boycott parliamentary sittings until CCJ ruling on no-confidence case

Demerara Waves – March 24, 2019

The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Sunday announced that it would be boycotting parliamentary sittings until the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) rules on whether the no-confidence motion was validly passed by Guyana’s National Assembly.

“The General Secretary of the PPP wishes to place on record that the People’ s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C ) will not attend any sitting of the National Assembly, while the Appeal in the no-confidence motion is pending at the Caribbean Court of Justice,” the PPP said on its Facebook page.

The appeal could be filed this week, lawyers said.      Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Terrence Campbell withdraws from new ANUG party

Terrence Campbell withdraws from ANUG, cites polarization over confidence vote

Terrence Campbell

Stabroek News – 07 January 2019 – This story is developing and will be updated.

Businessman Terrence Campbell has withdrawn from the new political party, ANAUG and civic group RISE, citing polarization over the December 21 No-Confidence Vote and attacks by “by my own people”.

A post from his Facebook page follows:

Today a knife was stuck into my back by my own people. I have supported the PNC/APNU/APNU-AFC in every general election since I started voting. Carl Greenidge, Raphael Trotman, Cathy Hughes, Rupert Roopnarine and Lance Carberry can attest to this. This support ran into millions of dollars. I served this Coalition as Chairman at GNPL and turned that organization from losses to profit.        Continue reading

The Govt. has fallen: The leaders have only themselves to blame – Dr. David Hinds

New York: Town hall meeting answers urgent questions relating to Guyana

By Tangerine Clarke

A\t the head table, Director General in the Min. of Foreign Affairs, Audrey Waddle, VP and Min. of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, Ambassador Rudolph M. Ten-Pow, and Consul General to New York, Barbara Atherly, during the town hall meeting.

Sept. 29, town hall meeting at York College, was clearly a success, since many pressing questions were answered by Guyana’s VP and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, who, after issuing his statement to the United Nations 73rd GA, and a hectic week of bilateral meetings, addressed topics that included the Guyana territorial controversy, Guyana’s oil and gas sector, migration, charitable donation red-tape, and the disbursement of oil revenue to poor citizens.         Continue reading

Guyana – Oil Talks with ExxonMobil

Bright prospects for oil –Granger says after meeting with Exxon officials


Here is the latest list of the various Ministries in the Government of Guyana. Information is automatically updated. 

***********  Previous Ministerial Announcements below **********

Continue reading

The sanctions have begun… APNU applauds EU for withholding budgetary support

The sanctions have begun… APNU applauds EU for withholding budgetary support

January 25, 2015 | By – urges embassies to follow suit with other sanctions

Opposition Leader, David Granger, along with his Shadow Minister of Finance, Carl Greenidge, is elated to know that the government is finally receiving international sanctions for having prorogued the Parliament.
The European Union (EU) recently announced that it has temporarily put on hold its two latest partial payments — EURO $28.9M for Guyana’s sugar sector and EURO $14.8M for sea defences– until all eligibility criteria, including budget oversight, are “satisfactorily” addressed.

The EU made clear that it has a long standing commitment to support development and poverty reduction in Guyana.  Last year, it said that EURO $34 million was allocated to Guyana under the 11th European Development Fund. EU aid is channeled through different modalities. Budget support is one of them and Guyana is receiving the payments under this model.   Continue reading

Guyana: Is the Opposition proactive or reactive? – commentary

Is the Opposition proactive or reactive? – commentary

NOVEMBER 18, 2013 | BY  | It seems like they are asleep – Ram
By Abena Rockcliffe 

APNU Leader, David Granger It is worrying that the opposition is made of 33 members and it seems like only one or two are working. The other 31 are almost like passengers, “I am really disappointed with the Opposition, too few of them are working.”

APNU Leader, David Granger  (Left)

AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan Those were the sentiments expressed by financial Analyst/Columnist, Christopher Ram as he responded to a question of whether he sees the Opposition—A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and Alliance for Change (AFC)—as being proactive or reactive.

AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan (Right)   

Is the Opposition Investigating Major Issues?   Continue reading

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