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Guyana Politics: Former Minister of State Joseph Harmon applies to give up USA citizenship:

“I believe there is a certain quality which I have that can help the President in running this country in a proper way” – Harmon

Joseph Harmon

Joseph Harmon, who resigned earlier this year from his position as Minister of State because he is the holder of dual nationalities, says he has already applied to give up his United States (US) citizenship.

He told reporters on the sidelines of a People’s National Congress Reform 62nd anniversary rally in Linden that he more than one month ago finished all the paperwork and paid a hefty sum of cash to relinquish his American citizenship.    Continue reading

PPP dual-citizenship MPs to resign, Adrian Anamayah will not renounce US nationality

PPP ‘s Adrian Anamayah and Oppostion Leader Bharrat Jagdeo

said his People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) Members of Parliament (MPs), who are holders of dual citizenship, would be resigning and only one of them has informed that he would not be renouncing his American citizenship.

Jagdeo said that person is backbencher, Attorney-at-law Adrian Anamayah. “He has explained to me that there are family obligations and other issues so he will not renounce because of those commitments…,” he said.            Preview (opens in a new tab) Continue reading

Is there really an economic downturn? – By Adam Harris – commentary

Is there really an economic downturn? – By Adam Harris – commentary

Adam Harris

Adam Harris

There is talk that Guyana is slipping backward; that young people are not getting jobs. The part of jobs for young people may be true, but it is not that the jobs are not there. There are young people who are intelligent and literate, but the problem is that they are choosy when it comes to certain jobs.

I had stated before that many years ago all people wanted to do was to get a toe in the door. Other jobs will come later. That is when people can change. That is what people do in the developed world. The stories are many about people starting in one area and later changing.  Continue reading



 Ms Jane Seymour, the daughter of Guyana’s celebrated poet, AJ Seymour, and Dr Jacqueline de Weever, the niece of the poet, are now back in the Unites States, after spending a special week in Georgetown, Guyana. They were there to participate in functions celebrating the Birth Centenary of the poet Arthur James Seymour, which was on January 12, 2014, and which proved to be quite a success.

The principal function was the staging of a poetry concert, “SEE MORE POETRY”, which was held at the Theatre Guild Playhouse in Kingston, Georgetown, on Sunday January 12, to a sold-out audience.  A wide variety of the poems by Seymour were read by some of Guyana’s well-known radio, theatre and cultural luminaries. They included Margaret Lawrence, Ron Robinson, Ian McDonald, Rupert Roopnaraine, Francis Quamina Farrier, Joan Cambridge, Ras Michael, Nazim Hussain and Malcolm DeFreitas.   Continue reading

“SEE MORE POETRY”: readings of poems by Arthur James Seymour – Georgetown Jan 12, 2014

“SEE MORE POETRY”: readings of some of the best poems by Arthur James Seymour.

This is to excite lovers of good poetry – especially the poetry of AJ Seymour.

On Sunday January 12, 2014, the National Library in Georgetown, Guyana, will stage “SEE MORE POETRY”, a programme of readings of some of the best poems by Arthur James Seymour.

It is to commemorate the Centenary of the birth of the celebrated Guyanese poet, who died 25 years ago on Christmas day, at age 75. Some of the best Readers will be on stage at the Theatre Guild’s Playhouse on Parade Street in Kingston, Georgetown, reading such poems as “Over Guyana, Clouds”, “Tomorrow Belongs to the People”, “Name Poem”, “Sun is a Shapely Fire”, “The Lover Speaks”, “There Runs a Dream” and many others.   Continue reading

‘A Conversation’ at Moray House Trust

‘A Conversation’ at Moray House Trust

20th August 2013 – Press Release

A few nights ago, Moray House Trust was pleased to host ‘A Conversation’, an exchange between Dr Rupert Roopnaraine  and Brendan de Caires. The essays in Dr. Roopnaraine’s recent prize-winning publication, ‘The Sky’s Wild Noise’, provided much of the material for discussion but the talk extended to other topics such as the challenges of undertaking critical appraisal in a small society. Moray House Trust wishes to thank The Guyana National Lottery for their sponsorship of this event.

Moray House Trust (MHT) is a legacy of the late David de Caires. It is a cultural initiative to foster and preserve artistic expression in Guyana’s diverse culture and to support and contribute to the good works of Guyanese. The mission of the Trust is to host, to support and to facilitate live local cultural events (such as music and poetry recitals, lectures, photographic presentations) and to bring creative artists (writers, poets, singers, musicians, painters, photographers) together with peers, experts and an informed audience to advance local talent.   Continue reading

The Seawall, Tales of the Guyana Coast – film

The Seawall, Tales of the Guyana Coast – film

This is a film about the ongoing battle to build and maintain the sea defences of Guyana.  It gives a historical perspective as the earlier Dutch and English planters and Governors had to battle the sea and the flood from rainfall as well.  The rising sea levels, if they occur, will make the sea defences  even more difficult to control flooding during high tides.
Director and Camera: Ray Kril Script and Co Director: Rupert Roopnaraine Sound and editing: Theo Raben Producer: Gloria Lowe Original Music: Richie Maxwell Featuring Mark Matthews as the Old man recounting the history of the seawall …  Total time =00:52:11 mins.
— Guyanese Online Post #1890

APNU wants verification of Statements Of Poll

APNU wants verification of Statements of Poll

Stabroek News – December 1, 2011 @ 12:08 pm

Opposition coalition, APNU this morning called for all the parties to sit together and verify the Statements of Polls, particularly for Region Four, after saying that it has evidence of manipulation of results.

“We have sufficient evidence of manipulation and we alone don’t feel so,” said APNU’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Rupert Roopnaraine at a press conference at Congress Place this morning. He called for the parties to sit down and reconcile the SOPs together. Roopnaraine alleged that at least 105 SOPs have vanished from South Georgetown.   Continue reading

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