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Book: Musical Life in Guyana: History and Politics of Controlling Creativity – Vibert C. Cambridge

Musical Life in Guyana: History and Politics of Controlling Creativity (Caribbean Studies Series) Hardcover – June 1, 2015


by Vibert C. Cambridge (Author)

Musical Life in Guyana is the first in-depth study of Guyanese musical life. It is also a richly detailed description of the social, economic, and political conditions that have encouraged and sometimes discouraged musical and cultural creativity in Guyana.

The book contributes to the study of the interactions between the policies and practices by national governments and musical communities in the Caribbean.

Vibert C. Cambridge explores these interactions in Guyana during the three political eras that the society experienced as it moved from being a British colony to an independent nation.   Continue reading

Guyana: Cash-jet pilot tried to dodge detection by U.S. authorities of US$6.3M – assets seized

Cash-jet pilot tried to dodge detection by U.S. authorities of US$6.3M in US bank accounts

Captain Khamraj Lall

Khamraj Lall

January 30, 2015 | By |

– authorities seize US$440,000; target two planes, Lexus, three properties

A Guyana-born pilot arrested in November with over US$600,000 in cash hidden in his jet is facing major troubles with his properties and bank accounts.

Not only is Khamraj Lall charged in Puerto Rico, a US territory, with smuggling bulk cash, but the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has gone after 14 bank accounts, his Lexus car, and two planes, including a jet that he uses in a private service that he operates in Guyana. Continue reading

Gino Vannelli – Wheels Of Life – with Lyrics + cartoon

 Gino Vannelli – Wheels Of Life – with Lyrics

The wheels of life are turning so much faster
The restless hands of time pass me by
There are dreams I’ll never live to see
But as long as you believe in me
I’ll still feel them on the way
As I take life day by day
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The Small Fortune of Dorothea Q – By Sharon Maas

Happy to let you know that today, 30th January, is publication day for The Small Fortune of Dorothea Q, By Sharon Maas, a book about Guyanese and set mostly in Guyana! 

The Small Fortune of Dorothea Q by Sharon Maas book cover


Thirty years of family secrets. Three generations of women. One family heirloom that could change everything.

When she ran away from her childhood home in Guyana, Rika swore that she would never return. Cut off from her family, she has fought hard to make a life for herself and daughter, Inky, in London.   Continue reading

Dick Gregory – pioneering black comedian – from “Furious Cool” by David Henry

 Dick Gregory – from Furious Cool by David Henry

Dick Gregory was a brilliant, pioneering black comedian who was among the first to break the color barrier in nightclubs:

“Dick Gregory, along with Nipsey Russell, Bill Cosby, and Godfrey Cambridge, belonged to a new generation of black comedians unencumbered by the deferential buffoonery of vaudeville or minstrelsy. Gregory, especially, did not flinch from skewering white audiences on issues of race: ‘Wouldn’t it be a hell of a thing if this was burnt cork and you people were being tolerant for nothing?’ and ‘Everyone I meet says, “Some of my best friends are colored; even though you know there ain’t that many of us to go around.”
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