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Guyana: Sweet Drink – The Puma Presence – By Vibert Cambridge

Stabroek News – By September 19, 2021

A Preliminary Exploration of the Social History of Nonalcoholic Carbonated Beverages in Guyana (1870–2020).

On February 23, 1970, Guyana adopted a Republican constitution and became the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. This signaled a substantial shift in governance and the adoption of a new economic paradigm. By 1970, Banks DIH had emerged as the dominant player in Guyana’s sweet drink marketplace. Its bottling plant was new, and the company had a robust national distribution system with storage bonds in New Amsterdam, Linden (formerly Mackenzie), and Bartica, as well as on the Essequibo Coast.

By the 1970s, cakeshops and cakeshop–salt goods shops, rather than soda fountains (as anticipated by the U.S. consul in 1924), were the primary outlets for nonalcoholic carbonated beverages. Cakeshop–salt goods shops were at almost every intersection in the urban areas. Cakeshops and grocery outlets were in every village and settlement in the rural areas. A variant was also evident in many hinterland settlements. Most of these businesses were connected to the Banks DIH distribution network. This distribution infrastructure was used to deliver a fortified food: Puma, a product that evoked fond memories for many Guyanese, even in 2020.

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GUYANA: The Sweet Drink Wars – The 1950s, 60s, and 70s – By Vibert Cambridge 

The Prestige Competitions: Beauty Contests, and Crown Cork Competitions

Stabroek News – By – September 5, 2021

By the early late 1950s, the Cola brands in British Guiana began to introduce innovations such as image advertising. Image advertising involves associating the product with the attractive attributes of something not related to the product. For example, the Coca-Cola bottle is evocative of the female shape. So, it was not a stretch for these cola brands to associate their products with women. In 1958, Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola sponsored entrants in the Miss British Guiana Beauty Contest.

The Beauty Queens

The first beauty contest in British Guiana was organized in 1931 as part of the program of events to celebrate the centenary of the union of the colonies of Demerara, Berbice, and Essequibo to form British Guiana. The prize for the “most beautiful girl in the colony” was BG$30 and a gold medal. There were hints that the winner might go on to Hollywood and become a film star. The judges for the inaugural contest all came from the colony’s primarily British ruling class, and included “Colonel W.E. H. Bradburn, Inspector General of Police and Commandant of the Local [Military] Force; Capt. E. Burnett, M.C.; and Mesdames L. Clavier, A.G. King, and J.B. Smith.”        Continue reading

Multibillion dollar accounts, shares in big companies, properties across Guyana

Multibillion dollar accounts, shares in big companies, properties across Guyana

 … are just some of the assets in the name of permanent secretary, Omar Shariff  


Omar Shariff

 Jul 31, 2016  KaieteurNews – How has a Permanent Secretary been able to accumulate billions of dollars? That’s the question in the minds of investigators looking into the Omar Shariff case. In any event, it has become quite obvious that there is more to Shariff than what meets the eye.

Shariff, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Presidency is no stranger to negative publicity. But further to revelations that the public servant had billions of dollars in a number of accounts at local banks, there is now information that he has invested some of his money in shares at a few thriving establishments.   Continue reading

Fifty years later: Guyana is changing for the better – By Adam Harris

Fifty years later: Guyana is changing for the better

Guyana 50th Anniversary Logo

Guyana 50th Anniversary Logo

Opinion - commentary -analysisMay 22, 2016 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, ADAM HARRIS

The past few days have brought a lot of recollection from me. In another few days it would be fifty years since Guyana became independent. It would also be fifty years since I joined the world of work. Those were the days when travelling was not as easy as it is today.

I spoke about travelling to Linden. The Soesdyke-Linden Highway was about to be constructed so the communities along the highway were not there. Of course there was a trail, but the conditions were such that people only say jungle. I remember when they were clearing the trail they found an aircraft that had disappeared during the Second World War.

This was just a short distance from Atkinson Field, the airport that was there at the time. Search and Rescue was not what it was today, but it was surprising that a plane going down so close to the airport could not have been found.   Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 26 January 2015

Capitol TV News Videos – 26 January 2015 

  • Granger patches up relations with Linden faction
  • Banks DIH wants VAT removed at fast food restaurants
  • Elections Day exams delayed -May 11 CXC Exams shifted to June 15,16
  • Ramotar to lead PPP into General Elections
  • Gunfight at Popeye’s Restaurant
  • GGMC strike affecting interior mining operations

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Granger patches up relations with Linden faction

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Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 14 January 2015

Capitol TV News Videos – 14 January 2015

  • Private sector says early elections bad for business
  • President’s office misrepresents Ramotar on Amaila Falls funds
  • Banks DIH sees drop in profits
  • GECOM says will meet PPP’s demands, once legally possible to do so
  • BK says East Bank road project could have been completed two years ago
  • Sooba voted out of office again, but remains at work
  • Sports

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Guyana: The business community and declining fortunes


The business community and declining fortunes


The Georgetown Chamber has completed yet another attitudinal survey and as has been the norm, its findings hold no surprises for those who have been following business trends over recent years. The overwhelming majority of those who responded to the survey say that they do not hold out much hope for a change in their fortunes this year.

This comment jars sharply against comments by the government that the economy is on the ‘improve’ and that businesses are expanding.  The government has over the years, been keen to inform the world that it was open to expediting the investment climate and that people were falling head over heels to come to invest in Guyana.

Such a report would have brought smiles to the members of the business community. For example, the hotels would have been reporting better occupancy, because the visiting investors would have had to stay somewhere.  Continue reading

Major companies pull out of Mash Day float parade

Major companies pull out of Mash Day float parade

FEBRUARY 22, 2014 | BY  |

Mash-paradeA number of large companies that have been fixtures of the annual Mash Day parade will not be around this year. But coordinators downplayed this, yesterday, saying that the show will be as exciting as ever.

Out of the float parade are beer companies, Banks DIH and Ansa McAl.

When questioned on the reason for the withdrawal of the popular Carib Beer contingent, Public Relations Officer of Ansa McAL, Darshanie Yusuf, said that the company will be doing things differently this year.

At least two large companies will not be part of the Mash float parade in the city .  Continue reading

MASH 2012 – Beer giants, Digicel rule the road

MASH 2012 – Beer giants, Digicel rule the road

Kaieteur News—February 24, 2012

  • float parade returns to Berbice after two decades

It took three giants –two into brewing and the other into mobile communications – to infuse much-needed energy to transform the Mashramani parade into a gyrating sea of red, blue, gold and white yesterday.
Thousands braved the threat of rain to line the main parade route and watch the annual costume and float parade that marks the climax of celebrations for the country’s Republic anniversary.

Brewery giants Banks DIH and Ansa McAl under their Banks Beer and Carib Beer brands infused the usual bacchanal that was associated with Mashramani, providing much needed entertainment for those who stood hours upon hours waiting.  Of course, there were those who chose the smarter route of picnicking on the sides of the road. Continue reading

Banks DIH, Digicel rule Mash Day Parade

Banks DIH, Digicel rule Mash Day road parade

February 26, 2010

Banks Band on Mash Day 2010

After all the revelry for the nation’s 40th Republic Anniversary, Banks DIH and Digicel emerged as the major prize winners for the 2010 costume and float parade competitions.
Banks DIH copped four first place spots for the ‘Best Individual King’ while presenting the majesty of Banks Beer, ‘Best full costume large band’ that numbered in excess of 200 and ‘Best Semi-costume band’ that featured about 300 revellers. The mega-company also won the commercial floats top prize. Additionally, Banks DIH secured two third place prizes in the individual female and queen categories.
Digicel captured three first place spots in the individual male, female and Queen categories as well as one third in the Large full costumes band for their ‘Pollination’ presentation, which featured the Humming Bird, the Honey bee and the Hibiscus, all designed by Olympia Sonoram.
Ansa McAl (Carib) took three third place prizes for individual female, male and king costumes with their message of sand, sea and sun.
The National Aids Programme Secretariat and Ministry of Education copped the first place spots in the full costume medium and small band categories over GPL and the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs respectively.
Region Ten and the Ministry of Agriculture won the semi costume bands, medium and small category, respectively, while the Chinese Association and the Public Service Ministry copped the second place spots.
The PPP placed second in the large band semi costumes category while Slingshot’s Guyana: an Oasis of Hope placed third.
The National Library won the non-commercial float top prize while the Body of Christ and the Chinese Association placed second and third respectively.
In the regional competitions, region four was best, copping the top prizes for the individual King and Queen Costume categories, but regions one and ten copped the top honours in the full and semi costume categories. Prize giving is set for the March 5.
(Mondale Smith) | By KNews |

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