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Tribute to Mr Cecil Carl Cunha, M.S. – by Maj. Gen. (Retd) Joseph G. Singh, MSS

Tribute to Mr Cecil Carl Cunha, M.S. (1914-06-25 – 2014-06-20)

By Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh, MSS  …on Thursday, 2014-06-26,

at the St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Cecil Cunha at 99

Hon Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Your Worship the Mayor, Lynette, Heuvel, other relatives and friends of the deceased, I thank Lynette and her family for inviting me to deliver this short Tribute to a Dear Friend, whom I have known for over forty years.

Born on June 25, 1914, Cecil Carl Cunha, M.S. transitioned last Friday, five days before his 100th birthday. Exactly 10 years ago (June 2004), I published a book titled: The Mataruki Trail, which is a record of the work of the Boundary Commission that established the Tri-Junction Point at the head of the east Kutari River, which the joint survey team of the British, Brazilians and Dutch in 1937, verified through detailed on the ground surveys, was the source of the Corentyne River – the border with Suriname. Continue reading

Comenius Moravian Alumni Asso – Family Day Picnic- Brooklyn NY – July 12, 2014

picnic 001

THE DANCE OF DEATH – Peter Halder’s 4th e-book released


 Peter Halder’s fourth E-Book, The Dance of Death is now on sale at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com. The links to purchase it are below.

The book is a crypt of seven chilling, spell binding and spine tingling supernatural tales that portray the folklore of Guyana.

The Dance of Death highlights a CUMFA ritual and its fatal objective. Obadella The Obeah Woman uses witchcraft to exact revenge for a young lady who was abused. The Moongazer of Kingston uses her power to save the life of a man who harmed a spirit. The Obeah Man, the male counterpart of an obeah woman, uses black magic to cement the love between a married couple. Four schoolmates face terror in a haunted house when they are confronted by a blood sucking, The Old Higue of Belfield. The Devil Woman entices a girl to the woods for an evil purpose but the courageous girl turns the table on her. A baby is seized by a supernatural water devil which turns it into The Gold Ringed Alligator that relishes little girls.

 The Dance of Death by Peter Halder:

Go to his Website/Blog to comment and more info on his book on Amazon as well as ordering information. [Click here ]

Kenneth Lara aka Lord Laro – Columbia Heights – Minnesota – July 12, 2014

More information on Lord Laro –  Kenneth Lara aka Lord Laro 

Kenneth Lara aka Lord Laro (1)

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