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Rtd Major Joseph Skeete of the Guyana Defence Force, has died

Rtd Major Joseph Skeete (Joe or Archie) of the Guyana Defence Force, has died.

Naj Joseph Skeete

Maj Joseph Skeete

Rtd Major Joseph Skeete transitioned from this life on Thursday, July 9, 2014.  Joseph Skeete was also a former Master Mariner (Ship’s Captain) at ESSO Standard Oils. He adjusted to life as a quadriplegic and was extremely successful … a great lesson to us all.  Here are some details of his life at the GDF, and later after he retired:

On January 9, 1967 the Maritime Arm of the Guyana Defence Force was established. On its formation it had strength of one Officer and twenty two (22) other Ranks. SPO St Lewis the longest serving member of the Coast Guard was amongst the twenty-two (22) other Ranks. The Unit was originally located in Ayanganna and was accommodated in close proximity to the gym.

This unit was first commanded by Lt Joseph Skeete who was responsible for organising such administrative duties like grass cutting to instituting routine Coast Guard operations. In 1969, during a joint military exercise between the GDF and the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guards, he dove into shallow and muddy waters, hitting his head on a tree stump that was not visible from the surface. Twenty-six-year-old Skeete suffered irreversible damage to his spinal column and from then on has had to adjust to life as a quadriplegic.  Continue reading

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