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Capitol News – TV News videos – 23 July 2013

Capitol News – TV News videos – 23 July 2013

  • Ramjattan walks out on Money Laundering Bill committee over President’s ‘terrorist’ description
  • Former Speaker Ralph Ramkarran points to a decade and a half row with the leadership of the PPP in an explosive letter to the press
  • Mother still seeks justice two years later after Muslim Scholar allegedly molested her four sons
  • Fire victims vow to stay the course despite the attempts to remove them
  • PSC addresses issue of whether or not Amaila Falls Hydro Project will produce sufficient energy

View Capitol TV News Videos below:

Ramjattan walks out on Money Laundering Bill committee over President’s ‘terrorist’ description  Posted: 23 Jul 2013 04:47 PM PDT

President Donald Ramotar over the weekend had called the Opposition Parliamentarians who voted down the Hydro Amendment Bill and the Motion to up the guarantee to public corporations to $150 B as “terrorists”. AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan said he found this most offensive and insulting. Ramjattan argued that since the Special Select Committee was working […]  Continue reading

Can Babu John save a declining PPP? – by Ralph Seeram


JULY 21, 2013 | BY KNEWS |   By Ralph Seeram 

We knew for sure we were in for a severe “cut ass”. My cousin Eric and I had broken a most important rule of my aunt; do not go and play without permission. More important do not go beyond the immediate home surroundings. Not only did we venture beyond the immediate area but we were missing for about two hours.

One of my cousins met us at the gate and gleefully told us to prepare for “licks”. My aunt was a strict disciplinarian. She had to be; she had eleven children of her own plus me. Now you may be wondering, what was our major infraction of the rules? Well we went to the Babu John foreshore to catch birds.

Yes a group of friends decided to go to the Babu John foreshore, where flocks of birds gathered to feast on shrimps and fishes on the foreshore, the very foreshore on which Cheddi Jagan was cremated.      Continue reading

Dave Martins & The Tradewinds and Jumo – NYC- August 17, 2013

Dave and Jumo.

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