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The Living Camera – STEPHEN WILTSHIRE – videos

The living Camera – Stephen Wiltshire- videos

Stephen Wiltshire has been called the “Living  Camera.” In this short excerpt from the film Beautiful Minds: A Voyage into the Brain, Wiltshire takes a helicopter journey over Rome and then draws a panoramic view of what he saw, entirely from memory.

Stephen Wiltshire – Artist

Stephen Wiltshire MBE, Hon.FSAI is a British architectural artist who has been diagnosed with autism. He is known for his ability to draw from memory a landscape after seeing it just once. His work has gained worldwide popularity.   [ Wikipedia – Read more]
Stephen Wiltshire – YouTube videos
 Welcome to the official YouTube Channel of artist Stephen Wiltshire.

Stephen Wiltshire – the Cityscape artist – video

May 18, 2011 – 1:56 pm on Guyanese Online

Stephen Wiltshire – the Cityscape artist Stephen Wiltshire is an artist who draws and paints detailed cityscapes. He has a particular talent for drawing lifelike, accurate representations of cities, sometimes after having only observed them briefly. He was awarded an MBE for services to the art world in 2006. He studied Fine Art at City […]

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